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Defense: Toy Empire Description

If you love tower defense games you are in the perfect place. Here on BrightestGames we offer you the best 3D and 2D Unity tower defense game called Defense: Toy Empire. You are the savior, playground's last change. You are the toy commander and you must defend the playground from the new alien spaceship invader toys. Put yourself together and do your best. Save the playground, defend the road that leads to your base. There are waves of machines rushing to your base, think fast and build your own and best strategy to get rid of the enemies. Build many types of towers to defend the road that leads to your base. Your success is based also on your money so use them wisely, and on lives. You have only 5 lives. Once there are 5 enemies that managed to get into your base you will lose the mission. You start the game with only 150 dollars and for each enemy you destroy, you will receive an amount of money. This depends on how big the opponent is. Try to earn money as much as you can because this way you will be able to improve your towers by upgrading the range, fire rate and damage. Become a hero and save the playground from this awful invasion in 8 intense levels. You can also try the mobile version for free. Be the best and have a blast!


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