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Fortride: Open World Description

Enjoy the exciting brought by our latest exclusive car game called Fortride: Open World where on a big open world map you can explore certain places filled with cool obstacles. Overcome the various obstacles and challenges scattered across the map using combine game mechanics. Build ramps like in the Fortnite game to have fun scaling down the large obstacles.
Use Q key to open the build mode and make sure you learn fast how to construct bridges and custom race track and follow the circle check points to earn some points they will lead you to a place filled with obstacles and cool stuff to do. Another cool feature is the teleport that i'll take you to many places around the playground area. The same portal from the exact sport will randomly take you to another location before the last one.
Smash in the explosive barrels and move the crates all around the map but they will slow you down. Choose from different cars each one with different abilities like speed, torque,handling and nitro. Do the best stuns, flips and air flow tricks and test all the awesome modified cars to help you with the vast landscape and discover it`s secrets. Use space bar to boost your selected car speed and make sure you jump even over the tallest obstacles. Build your wood sky city and jump from it with your awesome car and enjoy realistic controls. Have fun with this epic fun 3D game while having a blast online driving cars. Good luck!
Release Date
July 2018
Fortride: Open World is developed by
This game is a web browser game in development.
  • Nice looking colors and simple awesome 3D graphics.
  • Select from 11 unlocked cars to have fun on the map.
  • Open world filled with a lot of opportunities to have fun.
  • Cool features like: nitro, teleport gates, circle check points and the possibility to build.
  • Realistic controls, sounds and animations.
  • A well balanced experience.
  • Easy and fun to play.


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