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Steep Description

Are you ready for some fun arcade ball rolling? Put your reflex skills to the test with this very catchy perception game called Steep. Click to play now live on this awesome define steep game with laws of gravity at full effect. 
Take one step and the adventure begins, guide the orange ball along the narrow path on the ground and in the air. And try to maintain the ball on the slope track as it rushes down hill on a epic fun course full of obstacles. Do your best and try to avoid the static and moving red obstacles.The small ramps will help jump over the obstacles but at the same time you can fly over the track. The farther you go the faster the orange ball will go, can you manage the speed and all the obstacles that will test your skills! If you enjoy this game make sure you play the original version of the game that inspired creating this game and it's called Galaxy Slope. Good luck!
Release Date
August, 2018

Web browser, desktop and mobile.
Steep was developed by Emile Shodiev.

  • A new fun slope arcade skill game.
  • Simple but beautiful looking 3D graphics with bright colors.
  • The laws of gravity modifies with the speed increased.
  • Choose from 9 model of balls.
  • Static and moving red obstacles making the game extremely hard and intense.
  • Easy and fun to play.


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