Click here to play this game! Description the game it's fun growing .io game with a Tetris theme where you must join the arena and search for Tetris block to build a larger unit to be able to fight and survive the other players. it's one of our selected action and arcade game classified in our list of io games offered free on our website. Start playing this battle royale .io games move around the playboard arena, collect the glowing colored blocks to grow your square into a larger block. Avoid confrontation until you are large enough from this survival io game and grow into the larger Tetris units to be able to annihilate all the players from the arena. As you fight other players you will lose parts, make sure you move around and collect more to be able to fortify your unit power. To sprint, your blocky Tetris units press the left-click and make is speed up for a short period of time.


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