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Description: Flash And Dash Online And Live Racing

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Description: Play now our new game Flash and Dash Online and Live Racing, only on brightestgames.com. Many more free flash online games are waiting for you here. Flash & Dash Online and Live Racing is a high speed racing game. Winning each of the racing competition is supposed to be your goal while playing this 3D race game, here at Brightest Games. This game is about two brothers Frank and Karl. They are smart kids which move to a new town. Here they get involved in Radio Control racing club and RC racing soon becomes a big part of there lives. In this game you choose your own race car and show off your moves with special techniques such as lighting drift and team formations. As you speed down the tracks along with other racers, you will need to drive at top speed while performing various tricks and stunts. The game has plenty of useful upgrades to avail during the game play. Race to win!

Control: Use arrow keys to drive.

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