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Description: It is time for another bmx free style ride where you must show you incredible bmx skills. This street freestyle ride is divided into ten levels, where bmx rider must perform atleast 2 stunts in first four levels and 4 stunts in remaining levels. At the very beginning bmx rider will have available tailwhip and super man tricks. Later, if bmx-er reach higher levels, new tricks will be unlocked: 360*rotate, handle rotate, super wheel. To finish current level you must keep an eye on your bike stamina, because there's no chance to reach the finish line with half-power. Apart from stamina improving, player can unlock three new types of wheels and therefore to upgrade performance of his bike. Use each ramp on your way to perform tricks, so you can score as much points as you can. Have awesome bmx fun by playing this game!

Control: To play this game use arrow keys to move your bmx rider and Space bar to jump. Use the numeric keys to perform tricks: 1-tailwhip, 2-super man, 3-360*rotate, 4-handle rotate and 5-super wheel.

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