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3D Arena Racing: 2 Player Description

Our new exclusive 3D arena racing is out so if you are in the mood to test and drive cars online. Then here on we have prepared the most complex 3d car racing games online! The car game is called 3D Arena Racing games and will give you 8 track to test and one track for free roam. Four track on dirt or mud and 4 tracks on circuit made especially for you to test each selected car in all the modes possible. That means it has all type of cars,trucks and bike and 18 wheeler and 4x4 for you to have a blast online.Start with muscle cars and work your way up to monster trucks and super-cars and even tuned cars. Race the fastest Formula 1 cars and karts and rally cars. Use arrow keys to drive and balance the cars and make sure you cut curves to get ahead of your rivals.The best feature this 3D Arena Racing game offers is the split screen mode where you can race your friends from the same keyboard. While you race the circuit tracks make sure you stay as much as possible on the road if you land on the grass your speed is reduced and you are slowed making you easy to be passed by the others drivers. After getting bored with the 3d racing go to free roam map and do some nice stuns and front and back flips. Make nice jump and enjoy the adrenaline pumping tracks! Have fun testing simulator car games online here on brightestgames and good luck racing!


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