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Are you ready to play the best counter strike games online for free on browsers and mobile devices here on In our realistic and adrenaline-pumping counter strike new games category you can find hundreds of games like counter strike that we have carefully selected with the purpose of providing the best experience a player can have on browsers with our of action-pack shooting games. Join epic multiplayer first-person games where you are launched in the realistic world of bad versus good guys that are non stop. Play as a terrorist and place bombs while shooting the counter-strike troops to successfully blow up certain areas and capture hostages. Or become our hero and play as a Swat counter-terrorists who will do everything to save the hostage and defuse the bombs planted by the terrorists. Buy the most realistic weapons and fight in teams of 5 vs 5 while come up with the best strategy in this fun tactical first-person shooter to capture the terrorists before they create too many destructions. In our best counter strike games to play, we can mention Counter Strike 1.6 (CS-ONLINE.CLUB ) that is a browsers based game where you play for free the game with no downloads requirements on hundreds of rooms and servers from all over the world. All you need is a browser, internet connection a mouse, and a keyboard. With graphics that try to resemble the classic counter strike 1.6 games the same controls all you need to do is join the action select your preference to play as a terrorist or a counter strike in teams that can reach 18 vs 18 players. Also, you can select from the most known maps to play like de_dust 2, cs_Italy, cs_assault and many more just choose what you like. What is also important in these counter strike games ranked is to choose the closes servers to your location to have the best connection and don't experience lag. One second of lag can make a big difference in epic fights versus more players at once. So try to play on servers that have less than a 60 ping. Also, what is nice in these counter strike browser games is that you can shop if you have an account, buy gold, discuss forums tactic and tips on how to grow, maybe find a team an play together who know the future, you can start a clan! Create private rooms where you can join and train only with your friends. Select the language of the game you want to play on from 22 most known languages in the world like English, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many more. As you play many rounds you will level up, have a statistic of your games, see your points earned, and other cool game features that will make you play the game on a daily bases. Other games like counter strike you can find on our fresh and daily updated category counter strike are fun to mention game titles like Bullet Force Multiplayer, Combat 5 (Combat Online), Bullet Party 2, and Forward Assault Remix. These four are the best counter strike games for pc we can vouch for! Form reviews, most votes, likes, and other statistics from our website we can see these four are the closes games you can play online on a browser in 2020 that can cause serious problems even for the famous Counterstrike Global Offensive game. In all of these games, you can play fun single players missions, learn to shoot with different types of guns as weapons, then join the fun multiplayer fights, with different teams, clans, and so on. You can experience realistic gun physiques on ''Primary weapons'' like A 91, Ak-47, FAL, Vector, FAMAS, CX-70, M4A1, M40, M98, RFB, SPAS-12, M 1014, MP-7, and more. And also the ''Secondary weapons'' are pistols like the Glock, Desert Eagle, Five Seven, P 250, Tek -9, and many more. With more than 100 different types of counter strike crazy games, you will play army games, training games, soldier games, sniper games, commando games, and the most classic Counter-Strike 2D games that were the first browser clones of the Counter-Strike series dating back to November 9, 2000. Some of the names we can mention are One Man Army, Special Strike series, Sniper Team, Swat Warfare, and more, just take a look at our classic counter strike games from our category.
Some of the more advanced 3D counter strike games today can be found in our series of games like Call of the Ops, Combat Reloaded, Special Force, and other cooler games like the most realistic hostage counter strike game called Rescue Six. Rescue Six it's one of the best realistic online counter strike game you can play but this game is not played in teams you play as a SWAT that needs to kill some terrorists that have taken 2 buildings and some locations and have hostages, as you get closer to them if they spot you they will start shooting the hostages. You will have to use weapons with a silencer and come up with the best strategy for rescuing the hostages without been discovered by the terrorists. With great fps, shadows, reflexes, 3D high graphics many types of weapons, armory, realistic environment, great physiques this makes the game one of the best counter strike hostage rescue games you can play on browsers in 2020. Play our vast collection of free counter strike games online, that don't require, patch updates, no downloads all you need to do is to join the game and play if you don't have time you can leave with no penalties and without getting banned. These simple games counter strike global offensive types are meant for players that cant spend a lot of time playing games because of their jobs, they need to learn for school or have to resolve some important errands. But the games provides a fast place where you can have some fun shooting for 5 minutes in a lunch break, or even at a coffee shop while you open your laptop for 10 minutes. Have fun and save the day while having a blast every day for a couple of minutes with our counter strike unblocked games, that you can play then from libraries, schools, or other locations that restrict your access, we make sure here on to bring you a 100% guarantees game satisfaction! So what are you waiting for try our free counter strike games list and have a blast online! Good luck with all our games!

About the Counter-Strike Game!
The first facts we know about the video game series called ''Counter Strike'' are that the game was created as a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation. The game was first created as a secondary mode for the Half-Life game. As the game was a success because of his co-operation team gameplay in 2000, Valve bought the rights to Counter-Strike and would publish the game for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux ports. Later on to the Xbox devices with the name of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can read more interesting fast about the game history, evolution here on Counter-Strike Wikipedia.

What are Counter Strike Games?
As the name of the game ''Counter Strike'' means a team of SWAT( a support team that tries to use security, firepower, for rescuing in some police operations with high personal risk situations where specialized tactics are necessary to minimize casualties) cooperates with other members to take down some terrorists. These types of counter-strike games are categorized as multiplayer first-person shooters where players join the good or the bad guys and fight to eliminate the other teams in a limited period of time. With a limited starting money, supply, weapons, armor, grenades players must cooperate as a team to assure their roles as police or terrorists. The terrorist tasks in games are to guard the hostages and plant the bombs with the purpose of creating an explosion with as much damage as possible. And of course, the mission of the Counter terrorists is to infiltrate silently, eliminate the hostile terrorists, save the hostages before the bombs explode, and even defuse the bombs before detonation if is possible. You can see more clones of the games like Counter Strike in our counter strike new games category, so have a look and play if you see something you like!

Valve Anti-Cheat
As the Counter Strike game became more popular by the day players( kids, children, teens, and even groups) from all over the world will engage in epic fights in games on different maps with many weapons types. Do to its game-play style, weapons, and maps the game was a target for cheating in online games since it was released. Players will use hacks like the ''Wall''( that the cheaters can see through walls and shoot the other players even before they can even see them face to face.) The Auto-Aim hack provided a 100% shoot to the head of the player, meaning if you shoot the bullets will go instantly to the player's head and kill him with one bullet(headshot). And may more hacks where developed to make the game even easier for the players that wanted to cheat.
So this made the developers of the game to introduce the Valve Anti-Cheat. The anti-cheat system implemented by Valve will somehow detect the cheaters and ban their accounts permanently from all VAC-secured servers. You can read many pages of useful information about the next implanted patches for cheaters, IP ban for each user here on Wikipedia.

Classic Counter-Strike games to play online in 2020!
The first Counter strike browser base games you have played and maybe know about them are mentioned as Counter-Strike 16 Half-Life Mod, Counter Strike De Hiekka, Counter strike M4A1, and many more. These simple 2d and 3D shooting games provided s simple gameplay, All you were supposed to do is to shoot the terrorists or SWAT team as fast as possible before they shoot you down and you lose all your life. These games like counter strike were meant to improve your hand and eye coordination skills, shooting abilities with different types of weapons. Many of the weapons you would use have different firepower, damage, shooting range, recoil, some where snipers and others only pistols. By learning to play within these gun games you will definitely improve your weapons skills and become the best players in the game. Some of the classic counter strike games would provide a leaderboard and achievements where you can see your performance against players from all over the world. You can experience and have fun in these games just go and search for then in our counter strike games in order that is placed in our action category.

What are the best mobile, tablets, and iPhones Counter Strike games to play in 2020?
We collected 123 of the best free online Counter Strike Games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices. On page 1 we show you games from 1 to 62.

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