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Hello and welcome to this game portal here on our category of exclusive game where fun is everywhere. We offer you free games without advertising and you can download these games for your game portal for free. We are a young team that develops attractive flash, unity 3D webGL and html5 games for every age starting with games for toddlers and even games that you can play when you are ninety years old. You will bump into all sorts of games starting from action games up to girls on the motorcycle that will catch your eye in a second. You will improve and increase your dexterity and your skills regarding parking big trucks, good adventures game when the weather conditions are not in your favor and discover a fun world where you guys can feel like home. Some fo the best car games, bike games and truck games we developed are fun simulator games where you will become a truck-driver and learn to drive and experience the real feeling of driving certain vehicles. By publishing our premium games on your sites, you can bring good traffic and more value to your websites. Our exclusive games are high-quality games tested and developed by the best gamers. Are you ready for an adventure that will carry you through all types of situations in which you must prove you are the best gamer online? Let's see what you've got. Try our free premium free online games now! Some of our best voted single player, 2 players, multiplayer and even 3 player and 4 player exclusive games from our portal are: Burnout Extreme: Car Racing, 3D Night City: 2 Player Racing, Fortride: Open World, Zombie Siege Outbreak, and 3D Arena Racing: 2 Player.

What are Exclusive Games? Our Exclusive Brightestgames are games that start from simple games to medium and even complex simulator and realistic webGL games developed in Unity 3D. Some of the best-optimized online games for phones and tablets can be played here on These special games can be played directly in your browser without having to install any plugin or update any devices. We make sure to use the latest software in developing and updating our games. Also, some of our exclusive games can be found on Android and iOS. These exclusive games are games that we develop specially for you and represent our hard work and devotion to the game industry online. 

What can you expect from our Exclusive Games! In some of our online exclusive games developed here on, you will find that certain upgrades, or for example certain cars are blocked and can only be unlocked by playing the games on our portal. Other things you may find in the games could be links that will redirect you to the mobile website of the game on Android and iSO. Also, for example, the same game that you can play online and on your mobile may have some special levels that can only be unlocked by playing the mobile version of the game. And the last one, some of the iSO and Android games could have the ability to buy with real money or watch ads to unlock the most advanced weapons, cars, upgrades, skins, and more useful stuff to help you dominate the game and complete it more easily!

The History of our game development! In our category of exclusive games, you will see hundreds of 2D games that we started to develop with the first software for online games called ''Flash''. Then as the technology will progress we will develop more complex Unity 3D games. After that unity software will come up with updates that will improve the game feature, more stable versions, the possibilities to add effects, animations, sounds, and more fun thinks to make the games more playable. In the last two years 2018 and 2019 the unity has developed the most complex and stable games software called WebGL. With the perfection of the 3D WebGL, the games will take a new approach, where developers can make really high-quality simulator games that will try to simulate the real feeling brought by driving a real car or flying a real plain. Or even help you to get your driving license with some of the most realistic truck driving games online. As the technology will evolve the new HTML5 game will appear that will be more and more used. The opportunity of the html5 games will bring is that the game developed could be played directly in the browser, on mobiles and tablets without having to install anything on your devices. Enjoy and have a blast online with our free Premium and Top quality free online Exclusive games here on! And remember gaming is not a crime!

The Content Rating for our Exclusive Games! As you will see some of our exclusive games and other games from our partners added to our portal will be games that have the following permissions for Pegi 3, Pegi 7, Pegi 12, Pegi 16, Pegi 18, Everyone, Everyone +10, Teen, Mature, and Adults Only. Each game can be seen in what category of ''Content Rating'' it is placed in the middle of the game descriptions and game stats. So if you want to play a game that is suited for your age make sure you check the game before playing it.

Walkthrough for our Exclusive Games! As you may know, we are trying to build games as complex as they will require strategy, and using your brain in order to complete the game missions. If you want to finish the game more easily without having to beat your brain abought ways to succeed, you can check the Walkthrough of each game found here on our portal. To help you come with the best strategy or ways to finish the games. The Walkthrough can be found at the bottom of the game page you are playing! So make sure you check it out. Have fun! 

Documentation provides you to add games free to your websites with the help of the iframe code: (on ''Our Games'' page you can click on the zip folder to start downloading the information required for the games. Inside the zip, you will find different types of thumbnails related to the game and a text with a short description abought the game. Also, there are details of the iframe with the size (width x height) of the game.

Terms and conditions
All the games in this section are available for free publishing on websites. Games may be inserted via the iframe option. will host and keep these games functional for you.

-Forbidding techniques (Using any of the below actions will automatically add your website to our blacklist and from there you will be ban for publishing these games).
- Run game files from your own server.
- Using the sandbox parameter.
- Inserting any objects into a layer above the game space.
- Block any link or connection within a game.
- Overlay BrightestGames bottom bar.
- Block ads in any way.

For any concerns please contact us with the help of the Contact form here.


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