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Galaxy Slope Description

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Galaxy Slope is a clone of the most known 3D platform game called Slope. With similar gameplay but different backgrounds. Depending on your skills and how far can you advance in the game you can see planets of our solar system...through the journey in space. All are with real images from NASA to make the view as realistic as possible. So let get down to business improve your skills and perfect your reaction and control the 3D ball down a winding course full of twists, turns, and sharp corners. Play as many times as you can because is easy to restart the game and make sure you get a higher score as possible. And enjoy this epic arcade skill game to have a blast online only here on Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
March 2018
Galaxy Slope is developed by Mohamad A.
  • Solar system planets view on your journey in space.
  • Avoid the red walls and yellow boxes to live longer.
  • Easy controls and fun to play.


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