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Overcursed Description

Play Overcursed the game online for free on, which is one of our selected point and click mystery and horror games. In Overcursed the game the story goes like this! you are the CEO of a mysterious company called Overcursed where you take the role of a ghostbuster who is sent to investigate all short of missions about cats being lost or missing. Or that their dogs ate something wrong, but today, one customer called you with a really extraordinary problem. He was talking about an electromagnetic disturbance in his house. He thought that it is some evil spirit, and was very desperate, so he decided to call you. Use the mouse and your brain and make sure you take care of his issue and do not let the good reputation of your company fall. Move around the location with the mouse by pointing and clicking all over the places, click for turning on the lights, and explore all the floors of the house. Also, use the left click to move or take objects or to use an object. And with the right-click, you can throw an object. Do your best and see if you can figure out why electricity does so, or electromagnetic phenomenal happening in the old, wooden house. Can you make it safely without making a heart attack!

Release Date
December 2016

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

Use the mouse to navigate the game.
Left-click to move or take objects.
Right-click to throw an object.

Type                             Flash/html5
Platform                      PC, and Web browser.
Http Ready                  No
Mobile Ready              No
Mobile Mode               No
Genre                           Rpg, Adventure, Horror

Overcursed the game was developed by Pietro Ferrantelli and Florent Juchniewicz, 2 French game developers.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

  • Awesome detailed retro pixel 2D graphics.
  • The game was made in 48 hours for asylumjam2016
  • Solve mystery riddles and help docs and cats!
  • Awesome stories and animations.
  • Challenging but adding game-play.

More Information About 
Enjoy playing this funny horror point & click game with great graphics and an addicting game here on Overcursed it's developed with html5 technology allowing to work smoothly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this fun RPG brain-teasing mystery game like Safe Haven. Have fun!


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