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Samurai Fighter Description

Play and enjoy the best 3D fighting games with samurai online and experience the thrill of sword fighting and how they use to fight in the medieval times of Japan. As you may know the samurai use to fight with the sword named "katana". The sword represented the soul of the samurai as this was their base weapon that was carried on their waist always.
Start playing the game and select one of he to character a male named Arashin and a female named Bei. Each one of them is different in speed, power and jumping, so make sure you pick the right worrier to feat your play-style. To play the game use arrow keys to control the player, press X and Z key to kick with your hand and foot. To defend yourself and block the incoming damage use the C key. Destroy barrels, wood crates and anything that is breakable to be able to collect weapons, healing potions and many more cool stuffs to help you on your battle.
The enemies are black ninjas and they come in pack so make sure you fight them all and kill them before they kill you. The farther you progress the more difficult will be so make sure you improve your fighting style and techniques to be the best assassin. Enjoy fighting hordes of bad guys worries and make sure you survive until the end. If you enjoy this game make sure you try other similar fighting samurai game like: Samurai Showdown, Bey Warriors. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date
November, 2018
Samurai Fighter was developed by Playjolt.
  • Awesome first person samurai fighting game with detailed graphics.
  • You can play with 2 different hero like: Arashin and Bei.
  • Each hero is different in power, speed and jumping.
  • Use weapons like: swords, knifes and the katana.
  • Nice combos and animations.
  • Easy and fun to play.
More Information About Samurai Fighter
Amazing 3D samurai fighting game with captivating game-play that you can play online for free on The game is build with WebGL technology to run in all modern browsers. If you liked this game try other games with samurai and ninja like :Ninja Slash and Kill Bill 2.
Web browser.

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