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Skyboard Description

Skyboard is a racing game made in 3D, which is a competition four surfers air above the roofs of the city. Choose your character first and then enter a new league . A championship is divided into nine different races in three categories : - Competition : try to finish the race . - Collection: collect the most rings possible , as quickly as possible. - Elimination : at the end of each round, the last rider is eliminated. Simply use the arrow keypad to control your surfer , avoid toxic green vapor that slow you down and use accelerators and shortcuts to defeat your opponents . Let's get right to the point. If this game is aimed at a young audience, the team that worked on Skyboard achieved a truly remarkable work in all areas of the game 's 3D graphics and animations are great and the game is a bluffing fluidity . The hopping sequences in slow motion are equally impressive and give an added attraction to the game , at least during the first few minutes . Beyond that, we will win to cut the camera in the main menu to fully concentrate on the action. In the end, Skyboard is a new excellent achievement to be savored without moderation and free using a simple browser. So be the best player from this new 3D surfing challenge called Skyboard games and as always have a blast online here on brightestgames.
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