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Spaceship: Endless Run Description

Space describes the vast empty regions between and around planets and stars. The size of the entire Universe is unknown. But don't you worry because in this new game ''Spaceship: Endless Run'' from you will have the chance to go on a true adventure and explore the mystery of the entire Universe. A new experience is about to strike you with this brand new game. Do you have what it takes to win? Let see you in action. Are you ready to get up into that spaceship and fly over the Earth to collect as many orbs as you can in order for it to get you to the next level and also, shields to protect you not to run into walls? With the help of the arrow keys, you can easily control it and move as you please. Be careful to the narrow walls that you must pass through avoid crushes. Share our game among your friends and have fun as much as you can!


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