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Stunt Racers Extreme Description

Play the most awesome 3D car simulator games online for free on Start playing right now this epic fun stunt racing game called Stunt Racers Extreme.
In Stunt Racers Extreme you will drive some of the fastest super cars and see how each will handle while you perform stunt, jumps and even make flips in the air. While you are playing the game make sure you  always collect money and spend them on upgrades for your car. 
With no damage input to your car you are free to do what ever you want no limits . After collection a lot of money you can check the garage and see the other cars power,handling and speed. Find the car that will feat your play stile and have fun drifting, racing and jumping in high speed over ramps. Try more similar game like this Car Simulator Arena and have fun!
Release Date
February 2018
Stunt Racers Extreme is developed by
  • Great graphics and awesome powerful cars.
  • Achievement and Leaderboard.
  • Easy and fast graphics quality adjustment.
  • Drive cars like Audi, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Mclaren, Lotus Elise.
  • Easy and fun to play.


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