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Afghan Survival

Discover the thrilling world of Afghan Survival, an immersive FPS (First-Person Shooter) game that combines survival elements with the zombie apocalypse. Now available for free on, this game promises an adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What Is Afghan Survival?
Set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by biological warfare, Afghan Survival throws you into a harrowing scene where you find yourself as the sole survivor in your squad. Tragically, both your comrades and innocent civilians have succumbed to the effects of the biological weapon, transforming into ravenous, flesh-eating zombies. As the last hope for survival, you must navigate this desolate land and fight to stay alive against hordes of undead monstrosities.

Afghan Survival Tips!
Your primary objective in Afghan Survival is to endure the unrelenting onslaught of zombies. To achieve this, you'll need to scavenge the environment for essential supplies, including ammunition, weapons, grenades, and any resources that can aid your survival. Every item you find becomes crucial in your fight for existence, as you must carefully manage your resources and make strategic decisions to maximize your chances of staying alive. As you explore the hauntingly beautiful yet treacherous landscapes of Afghan Survival, be prepared for heart-pounding encounters with the undead. The game offers a dynamic and immersive FPS experience, allowing you to wield an arsenal of weapons and employ various tactics to fend off the relentless zombies. Each day, the challenge intensifies, and the odds stack against you. Surviving even a single day becomes a monumental achievement, and your resilience will be tested.

Tricks To Help You In Afghan Survival!
While luck plays a part in this godforsaken land, your skill, reflexes, and strategic thinking will determine your fate. Every decision matters as you must weigh the risks and rewards of venturing into dangerous areas, facing stronger enemies, or conserving resources for dire situations. The gameplay experience in Afghan Survival is designed to keep you engaged, constantly adapting to the evolving threats and overcoming the odds stacked against you.

Step into the shoes of a survivor, brace yourself for an immersive FPS experience and put your survival instincts to the test in Afghan Survival. Will you manage to outlast the zombie horde and survive the apocalypse? Only time will tell. Gather your courage, steel your nerves, and embark on this thrilling adventure where every breath could be your last. Good luck, brave survivor. If you like this game, you may also like other games like Deadly Space Stories: A.I. Gone Bad and Alien Planet 3D Shooter. Have a blast and enjoy these scary games for pc!

Release Date    13 July 2017
Updated On      25.02.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game.

Genre                             Multiplayer, War, Unblocked, ShootingActionSurvive, Boys, WebGL, G A M E3D, GAMESunblocked 66, unblocked 76, Unblocked Games to Play on school.

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- Afghan Survival

Developer developed Afghan Survival. But you can play all these games online for free on

The web browser version of the Afghan Survival game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast Secure, and Avant Browser. 

Content rating
Tenn, Pegi 12


  • Creepy atmosphere and a nice scary space theme.
  • Nice detailed 3D graphics with a scary soundtrack
  • Solve riddles, make puzzles, find costumes, and much more missions to complete.
  • Many different types of aliens to shoot
  • Fun to play and hard to master.

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