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Angry Sharks Description

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Where you can join a fun adventure in this shark game for kids with cute sharks and fish in the deeps of the oceans. Click to play now live and Angry Sharks unblocked on all devices, browsers, mobiles, tablets, and iPhones. Where our ferocity shark has been exposed to some nasty chemicals and radiation from some containers of the bottom of the sea. Now his ADN is mutated and the more he easts the larger it gets and hungrier. Although you are a shark there are also dangerous predators of different sizes, so pay attention to the ones that could kill your shark. Besides the fish and other creatures as you grow you will become a menace for the people that will fear you and some will try to kill you. Try to survive their attacks. Explore and unblock all five types of shark species, and see which one you like more to play with. Also, the game provides cool features that let you play the game with no blood or lots of blood! Been safe for kids but also satisfying for adults and other mature persons. To have the best experience while playing this free online game make sure you adjust it on the full screen from the top right side of the game interface.

How to play Angry Sharks!
Use the mouse to navigate through this HTML5 shark game online. To control the shark try using the mouse cursor,  or on mobile devices by moving your finger on the screen. Fishes swim closer to you, and they also swim aways if you try to move closer to them, so do your best to eat them to grow. Been the big predator of the sea doesn't matter you can not be hurt or even killed. So avoid bigger fishes and the spiky fishes that will swallow like a ballon and poison you if you try to eat them. Watch out for dangerous barrels, mines, spears, and other obstacles. 

Release Date          Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Date added            Chicago Time: 09:38 on 14 May 2021

Type                         HTML5
Mobile ready          Yes
Platform                  PC, Web browser and also on mobiles device here:
HTTPS Ready           Yes
Gender                      Kids, Fish, Adventure, Animal, Sharks

Angry Sharks was developed by Inlogic Software, but you can play the game online along with other games here on our website on

Game Features
  • Play a fun 2D shark eat and grow game!
  • Great 2D realistic graphics.
  • Eat, grow, and avoid die until you reach a decent size to dominate the oceans.
  • 5 species of shark available in the game to be unblocked.
  • 12 types of obstacles radioactive.
  • You can party with friends.
  • Fluid animations with smooth game-play.
  • Https and mobile-ready.
  • Easy and fun to play
More Information About Angry Sharks
Have fun with a great white sharks game online directly in your browser and mobile devices for free here on Angry Sharks it's developed with html5 technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this eat and grow shark hunting game make sure you play other free shark games here on our website.

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