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Play The AshBelt game free online. 
And join a unique hand-drawing sword with bow and arrows survival game on browsers here on You must join the action and adventure with our brave Ash heroine and try to jump, shoot and dash different types of monsters in a retro frame design. Use the arrow keys to jump sideways and change direction while pressing the A lane to show with your bow as many arrows as you can from a larger and safer distance. And if the monsters get closer to you, press the S key to use your powerful double-blade sword to cut them down one by one. 

What is unique in this one-hit, one-kill archery game is that when you are playing, you are limited in arrows and sword hits, as you will see under your character, so you must restrain yourself from shooting just when you need it. But also, the shots, arrows, and how many times you can use the sword are recharging or regenerating, so be patient and jump over the monsters while running until you can use the weapons again. Also, one mistake and you are dead, and all the monsters are dead in one blow! 

Some monsters can be killed while you shoot from the ground, and others that are taller require you to double jump and shoot simultaneously to kill them. As you play a few rounds and the difficulty increases, there will be many different types of monsters that will attack you; some will be very fast and require you to jump and avoid them and only kill them with the sword when they are closer to you. 

Synchronize your moves, and the speed with your sword, bow, and arrows so as not to miss any shots, and see what your top score points in kills; my best score was 70; let me see how good you are.)). If you like his game, you can try other similar Armed With Wings games like Ninja Arashi, Rearmed Trials, and Armed With Wings: Rearmed. Have fun, and stay tuned for more game updates!

Controls in AshBelt?
Press the A key to confirm your move inside the game. You don't need the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To move your heroin AsdBelt, use the arrow keys, to jump, press the spacebar, and use the A key for your bow and arrow and the S key for your sword.

Release Date     March 2020
Date added         Chicago Time: 11:58 on 5 March 2021

Type                         Haxe, OpenFL, and Heaps
Developer                Daniel Sun
Platform                   PC and Web browser
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Current Version         V1.0.3

Categories                  Role Playing, Archery, Action, Survive, War, Monsters.

Updates in AshBelt
v1.0.1 - Upgrade indicators. Score display.
v1.0.2 - Improved camera.
v1.0.3 03/03/2021

Latest improvements in AshBelt

  • The turning-to-attack feature is more precise now.
  •  The attack cancels with a jumping executer attack.
  •  The blob enemy increases difficulty on wave 5.
  •  The enemies can spawn further away.
  •  Added a sound warning for low ammo

Game Features

  • It is a fun 2D mixture with 3D-ish action and a survival game with a cool heroine called AshBelt.
  • It has a cool effect, animation completed by nice music and sounds.
  • There are many types of monsters to fight against!
  • The game provides you with a fun high-score survival game to see how long you can last in the game, so do your best!
  • There are realistic animations and a nice intro video.
  • Fight against skeletons, dragons, jelly monsters, and many more.
  • Improve your battle techniques to become the most skilled hunter.
  • Full-screen mode is available.
  • Realistic and addicting gameplay.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 10

More Information About AshBelt
Enjoy a fun archery and sword mixture game that takes you back to the dragon and monsters area while providing a fun 2D cool animation style with adrenaline-pumping gameplay. AshBelt is developed with WebGL technology, which optimizes the game and allows it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. So play the game and have fun while doing your best to see how long you can last in this epic high-score Armed with Wings game.

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instructions, tips, and YouTube Game-play of AshBelt online here on

Game Tags

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