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Battle Of Heroes 3

Battle of Heroes 3 game it's now free on!
You've arrived at the third instalment of Battle Heroes, an exciting mobile and online game that will take you on a fun adventure role-playing game. In which you must take on the role of a brave hero and defend your homeland against an army of ferocious monsters! It has taken many years and many bloody battles, but the long-awaited peace has finally been restored to the kingdom's territory and its surroundings. It has been a lengthy period since the sound of swords and explosions caused by destructive spells could be heard. However, it was only a brief respite before another storm rolled in, as it turned out. Because, after only a few days, a new threat appeared on the horizon, this time at the kingdom's borders. In an attempt to exterminate humanity, legions of the undead and another creepy inhabitant of dark dungeons have declared war on the entire world.

About Battle of Heroes 3?
Peace has finally been restored in the lands of the kingdoms and their surrounding territories after many years of bloody conflict. Even though the ringing of swords and the roar of magic spells are no longer audible, it turns out that this was just a brief respite before the next storm. Again, a new danger appeared on the outskirts of the realm, this time from within. The hero takes on the role of a mercenary who is dispatched to the kingdom's borders. Use your military and magical abilities, explore the fantasy world, and upgrade your defences. Warriors, towers, aura, magic, and weapons will all aid in the containment of the waves of enemies attacking border estates in the coming days and weeks.

What is the best way to play Battle of Heroes 3?
Before you can begin your journey, you must choose one of the twelve available heroes, each of whom has their own set of skills and abilities. To move the hero to the desired location, click anywhere on the display. If you decide to equip the hero with new weapons, click on their avatar. To become acquainted with the hero's characteristics and other information, navigate to the character menu in the game. You are free to visit any building. Please walk up to it and click on the icon to allow you to enter the building. You can take on a task or even apply for a permanent position at the town hall. If you have the necessary skills to complete the contract, you will be well compensated for your efforts. Barracks: The barracks are the second most important structure in the city, and it is where you can improve your weapons, buy amulets, and even learn magic. To obtain gold, crystals, food, and other essential resources, we recommend that you hire a large number of workers for farms or mines to maximize your profits.

Tips and Tricks in Battle of Heroes 3 gameplay?
An alternative method of replenishing the city's treasure trove is to collect tribute from the people who live there. However, be cautious when entering their homes because not all residents are willing to pay their taxes. As a result, they have the option of hiring robbers to assassinate you. It can be challenging to hold back the onslaught of enemies on your own for this reason; you should employ guards to guard the towers. To give strength to your soldiers and improve their characteristics, you must locate and capture all of the obelisks in the vicinity of the battlefield. It is critical to recognize that to become stronger. You must constantly improve and select the most appropriate weapon for the situation. Each weapon has a distinct advantage over a particular type of adversary. Bring the rare resources you've discovered to the alchemists, and they'll be able to craft some unusual items with them. Participate in chat discussions with other players and exchange strategies with them. To advance in the game, you may need to hike or fight in the arena on occasion. Conquer other kingdoms by constructing towers and deploying defensive garrisons.

Game Features:
Protect the kingdom and hold back the onslaught of enemies.
There are three factions (Order, Dead, and Chaos).
The hero and warriors can grow and develop at their own pace.
Crafting items, features, and abilities are discussed.
Develop your magical skills and aura, and attend weapon skill schools.
Defend the city, attack caravans, and liberate the cities that have been captured.
RPG based on an old-school fantasy world
Compete against other players, and challenge up to four heroes to a tournament of their own.
Increase your faction's rating and engage in conversation with other players.
Protect the kingdom and hold back the onslaught of enemies.
Capture resource mines and upgrade defence towers to advance your position in the game.
The full-screen mode is available, and HTTPS is prepared. 

Release Date        February 12, 2022
Type                         Html5 - WebGL
Developer             Fantasy Game Indie
Mobile ready         Yes 

Platform                PC, Web browser and also on mobile devices.
HTTPS Ready         Yes

Gender                    Strategy, Tower defence, Action, CastleGAMES, WebGL, Html5, Unblocked, War, Battle, 3D, Boys.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

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Battle of Heroes 3

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information About Battle of Heroes 3
Prepare your hero fighter and join the war battle game, which provides a nice mixture of MOBA and RTS  game styles on The Battle of Heroes 3 game is developed with WebGL-Html5 technology that allows the game to work smoothly on browsers and some mobile devices. If you like this top battle game online, make sure you try other similar games here on our website!


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