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Bike Jump

What Is The Bike Jump Game About?
Enter the exhilarating world of "Bike Jump" and test the very limits of physics, fear, and your abilities. For those with an insatiable hunger for thrills and a penchant for heart-stopping airborne adventures, here is a challenge that promises to take you to new heights – literally!

Race to the Sky:

"Bike Jump" is not just any racing game; it's a leap into the uncharted, an invitation to push boundaries. Picture this: atop a soaring hill stands your daredevil avatar, straddling a motorcycle, the hum of the engine echoing your heartbeat, the horizon beckoning. And then, in a heart-stopping moment, you race down, gathering speed, with the wind against your face, to finally launch into the great blue yonder. Your mission? To traverse the vast expanse of the sky, control your motorcycle mid-air, and land perfectly on a designated round target.

Levels & Challenges:

Every level presents a unique challenge, an intricate dance between speed, distance, and precision. As you advance, the stakes get higher, the ramps steeper, and the targets trickier. Can you master them all?

Customize & Upgrade:

Every jump, every flight, rewards you – in gold coins! These aren't mere collectables. They're your ticket to enhancing your vehicle's prowess. Amplify the engine roar, boost your nitro acceleration, and witness your motorcycle transform into an airborne beast, defying gravity with every jump.

More Than Just Bikes:

And when you thought you'd seen it all, "Bike Jump" throws in a curveball. Why limit the fun to just motorcycles? As you progress, unlock a range of vehicles – from bicycles to planes! Each offers a unique flying experience, demanding a fresh strategy and approach.

Gameplay Dynamics:

  1. Momentum Matters: Perfect your start to gain maximum momentum for the ultimate jump.
  2. Mid-air Control: It's not just about the jump; mastering mid-air manoeuvres is key to nailing that target landing.
  3. Vehicle Upgrades: Use your earnings wisely. Upgrade for power, speed, and unmatched airborne antics.
  4. World Records: How far can you fly? Set world records and etch your name in the annals of "Bike Jump" legends.

So, are you ready to conquer the skies and embrace the pure, unbridled joy of flight? "Bike Jump" beckons the brave, the wild-hearted, those willing to soar beyond the ordinary. Strap in for an adventure that defies gravity, logic, and everything in between. Here, madness meets method, and the only rule is – there are no rules!

Hold tight, and let's fly!

Bike Jump Game Controls:
Arrow keys or WASD - Ride
Right Click  - jetpack

Release Date    October 2023
Date added       Chicago Time: 18 October 2023

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Bike Jump

Platform                   PC and Web browser
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The Bike Jump game was developed by 2Play(BoomBit Games) for Android / iOS. But you can play the game online for free on

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Bike Jump
Explore Brightestgames and engage in one of the most exhilarating and adrenaline-inducing online bike stunt jumping games. The Bike Jump was constructed with WebGL technology, which is compatible with all contemporary web browsers. Enjoy this motorbike game and explore more comparable bike simulator games available on our websites! 

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