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Bikini Bottom Zombie

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Join a classic 3D action-packed apocalyptic survival games where the city of Bikini Bottom has been taken over by zombies originally created by the infamous genius Plankton. When you play "Bob's Neighbor vs. Zombies," you'll participate in Patrick's fight against the living dead with him. In a genuine post-apocalyptic environment, you will eliminate zombies that have taken the form of SpongeBob's deceased neighbors. You can't give the dead a fair shot at destroying the city; it would be irresponsible. In this game, you will play SpongeBob's closest friend Patrick's sidekick, in his effort to rid the city of its zombie infestation.

What Is Bob Neighbor vs. Zombie Game?
It will come into your line of sight that Patrick is there. The event is going to take place on one of the streets. Soon, he will get access to a weapon that will be useful in rescuing the city. They pushed forward as a group to rescue the natives. Be on the watch since there will always be dead people constantly attempting to murder your character. You can aim it correctly as well as shift it left and right. Aim for the head if you just want to use one bullet to end someone's life. 

When they have been defeated, they could have left behind some stuff for you to pick up. Your hero will be able to put them to good use in future battles against these nefarious enemies by using them to his advantage. Keep yourself alive through each wave of zombies and systematically eliminate them. When the first danger has been eliminated, you can go to the next area. We wish you the best of luck in overcoming the obstacles presented by the game and that you have a fantastic time.

Tips And Tricks In The Bikini Bottom Zombie Game!
As the action starts, you may take part in a free zombie survival shooter. Plankton, the nefarious robber, was responsible for bringing about the zombie apocalypse in Bikini Bottom. When he was exploring the recipe, he attempted to clone the people that lived in the criminal city, but instead, he ended up with flesh-eating zombies. The brand-new neighbors were quite irritating and caused a lot of damage to the property. 

Patrick, a friend and neighbor of SpongeBob braved and succeeded in overcoming this nightmare. If he is to have any hope of rescuing the squarepants, he must now make his way out of the city without being captured. While he works through this challenging task, you should provide him with some assistance. Make use of your unique weaponry to set hamburgers, pineapples, and ketchup on fire. Incite this horde of zombies to a gastronomic frenzy. Remove them, and make sure Bob is protected.

So, Tell Me, What's the Problem Here? And How To Play For Winning In Bob Neighbor vs. Zombie!
When the notorious thief Plankton tried to clone the citizens of Bikini Bottom to steal the formula, the result was a zombie plague that spread across the neighborhood. His experiment was a failure, and as a result, a horde of bloodthirsty zombies he created is now besieging the city. 

Patrick, Spongebob's devoted friend, emerges from the nightmare unscathed but then finds himself defending himself from the undead. As part of this challenging task, he must successfully flee the city without receiving any injuries. You have access to weapons that can fire hamburgers, pineapples, and sauce to assist Patrick in completing his objective. It is possible to save Bob's life by inducing a feeding frenzy in the zombies and eliminating them.

How to Play:
A, D to move between shooting points
LMB for shooting.
Rotate the camera with the mouse.

Release Date      September 28, 2021
Date added          Chicago Time: 17 February 2023 09:02

Type                       WebGL
Sub Type              Unity 3D
HTTPS ready        Yes
Mobile ready        Yes
Genre                      ActionShootingSurvivalSpongebobNick JrNickelodeonHtml5SkillKids1 Player, WebGL, SimulatorAbilityDisney XDunblocked 66, unblocked 76.

Cybercats games develop the Bikini Bottom Zombie game. But you can play the game online for free on along with other Nick Junior and Nickelodeon games unblocked.

The web browser version of the Bikini Bottom Zombie game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

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Bikini Bottom Zombie

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About Bikini Bottom Zombie
Fans of SpongeBob are welcome to join a fun FPS game with Patrik as he tries to survive an Apolcaliptical zombie survival game here on Where the Bikini Bottom Zombie game is developed with WebGL technology, allowing it to work perfectly on all browser devices. If you enjoy this fun nickelodeon game and SpongeBob, check out other fun Nick Jr games from our website!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of the Bikini Bottom Zombie game Ever for free on

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