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Boomerang All Stars Rocket Racket

What Is Boomerang All Stars Rocket Racket Game About?
Get involved in the bizarre and hilarious antics of the Boomerang All-Stars! Join in on the fun with the well-known couples and groups from your favourite Boomerang television shows. In the world of animation, one could come across the mischievous cat-and-mouse duo known as Tom and Jerry and the mysterious Scooby-Doo gang, who are always getting into some mischief. Participants in Rocket Racket Riot are urged to choose a team that best suits them and work diligently toward victorious game completion.

In the present day, valued coworkers, It gives me great pleasure to provide a fresh take on the classic Boomerang board game. In this game version, players must use well-known cartoon characters like Bunnicula, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, and the Happos Family to score points strategically. Participation in the aforementioned activity may be restricted. Nevertheless, I respect pals; you must keep your resolve to boost your accumulated points. It is important to note that this endeavour may prove difficult since it requires a focused effort to properly hit a significant number of tennis balls at the best periods. 

If you want to succeed in this endeavour, it is crucial to remember this. You will finally establish yourself as the most accomplished tennis player on our online platform if you proceed in this manner. You can count on the Happos Family and Bunnicula to keep coming up with entertaining new games for you to play. 


  1. Select Your Team: Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Bunnicula, The Hippos Family, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, or the Wacky Races. Every team offers a unique gaming experience, each one representing its show's essence.
  2. Ride the Rocket-Powered Skateboard: Once you're in, you'll ride a skateboard powered by rockets! But it's not just about speed. Strategy is key.
  3. Racket Rumble: With a tennis racket, be prepared to strike. Tennis balls will zoom toward you, and by pressing the space bar at the right moment, you'll launch them at targets for points. The game's physics allows balls around or slightly behind you to be hit, creating an immersive 360° experience.
  4. Beware of the Bowling Balls: Only some balls coming your way are your friends! Dodge those pesky bowling balls. Hitting one will turn off your racket, making you miss precious point opportunities.
  5. Score & Progress: Achieve the target score to progress through levels. Expect more challenges, faster balls, and trickier targets as the game advances.
  6. Winning & Rankings: Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. The more balls you hit, the higher your score climbs. Represent your chosen show, and make them the champions of the Boomerang universe.

Conclusion: In this boomerang game to play, every click, every dodge, and every hit counts. It's a game of precision, timing, and nostalgic fun. Whether competing for glory or just playing for laughs, remember to have a blast with the Boomerang All-Stars!

Updated On        August 2023
Date added          Chicago Time: 5 September 2023 09:12

Type                       WebGL - Html5
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Mobile ready        Yes
Platform                PC, Web browser, and also on mobile devices.
HTTP Ready         Yes
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Boomerang All Stars Rocket Racket

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More Information About Boomerang Sports
This new sports game will star Bunnicula, the Looney Tunes, the Happos Family, Wacky Racers, Tom and Jerry, and more here on BrightestGames. Where the Boomerang All Stars Rocket Racket game was built using HTML5 technology, making it run flawlessly on all possible browser devices, do your best to help our characters in their new sports events to reach number #1 here on our website!

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