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Cooking Madness

What Is Cooking Madness?
Embark on a gastronomic journey in culinary chronicles ''Cooking Madness," where you step into the shoes of a budding chef with dreams of culinary grandeur. A brand-new restaurant awaits your leadership in the bustling heart of the metropolis, and it's your responsibility to steer it to success. From sizzling hotdogs to refreshing beverages, your menu boasts an array of mouth-watering delights. The key? Serve them up with speed, precision, and a sprinkle of love, ensuring each patron walks away with a smile and an eagerness to return. Exclusively presented by, this game will immerse you into a whirlwind of flavors, challenges, and an insatiable quest for perfection.

Game Overview:

Culinary chronicles ''Cooking Madness" offers an authentic restaurant simulation where you oversee the entire operation, from food prep to customer service—the city map sprawls before you, with various establishments, eateries, and iconic locations. Yet, the heartbeat of your adventure lies within the walls of your establishment.

As days morph into nights, the influx of patrons grows. Some are hungry business executives, some are families out for a weekend treat, and some are couples on romantic dates. Each guest presents a unique challenge – distinct palates, varying levels of patience, and diverse culinary preferences.

Navigating the Culinary Labyrinth:

The city's expansive map serves as your gateway to progression. As you successfully satiate your clientele, new horizons open up – advanced kitchen gadgets, exotic ingredients, and even opportunities to expand your restaurant chain. Each step amplifies the challenge and brings new recipes and techniques to master.

To excel in culinary chronicles ''Cooking Madness" time management and multitasking are of the essence. Patrons aren’t known for their patience, especially when their stomachs growl! It's a dance of coordination – grilling, blending, garnishing, and serving, all while ensuring the highest quality.

Gameplay Dynamics:

Initiate your culinary expedition by exploring the city map. Each location marks a milestone, a challenge, or a surprise. Your restaurant’s reputation determines progress – the happier the customer, the quicker you climb the culinary ladder.

Master the art of quick service without compromising on quality. As the levels advance, the demands intensify. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, juggle multiple orders, appease impatient diners, and avoid kitchen blunders.

And remember, in gastronomy, the presentation is as crucial as taste. Garnish, decorate, and serve your dishes with flair. Each level conquered brings newfound experience, novel challenges, and the undeniable joy of culinary achievement.


So, are you ready to don the chef's hat and dive into a world where the grill sizzle, the aroma of spices, and the hustle of a busy restaurant become your daily symphony? Culinary chronicles ''Cooking Madness promises a game and a journey filled with flavors, frenzy, and the fulfilling saga of transforming a humble eatery into the city's gastronomic epicenter. Dive in, and may your dishes always be delectable!

Release Date       January 2022
Updated On          Chicago Time: 4 October 2023

Type                        Html5
Mobile Mode        Yes
Mobile ready        Yes
Platform                 PC, Web browsers, and mobile devices.
HTTP Ready         Yes
Gender                   AbilitiesCooking, Girls, Arcade, 1 Player, Kids, GAMESHTML5, BoysOld, ClassicUnblockedunblocked games 76unblocked 66Cool Math Games, Unblocked Games To Play At School.

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Cooking Madness

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Cooking Madness
Polish your cooking skills online in this fun cooking game for girls that teaches you how to make delicious culinary foods here on Brightestgames. The Cooking Madness game for children has been designed with Html5 technology, hence enabling seamless functionality on all device. If one has found pleasure in playing these culinary games designed for females, it is recommended to explore further games within our category of online cooking games. Engage in an enjoyable experience!

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