How to play?

  • Use arrow keys to drive your car

Cop Pursuit

Cop Pursuit is one of the latest driving games online, and is a game like no other. You are playing the role of the bad guy ho has to escape from caps, this may seam easy but is harder than you may think.Playing this driving game you will feel the adrenaline pumping while you are running for the cops. The best way to get away is to take sharp corners at hi speed, and try not to bump into anything. If you are a good citizen and you obey the rules of the road you are not going to win, you must be careless and consider the road to be all yours. One of the biggest advantages you have at this game is the mini-map, you can get lost in the big city without this, it can also help you see where the cops are so you can avoid them.Playing this game is a lot of fun but just keep in mind that in real life you shouldn't run form the cops and you should obey all of the lows.

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Cool Information & Statistics

This game was added in August 29, 2012 and it was played 2.9k times since then. Cop Pursuit is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.29 / 5 from 7 votes.