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Counter Craft 3: Zombies

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Welcome to FPS Counter Craft 3: Zombies game, the long-awaited successor to the critically acclaimed game series that has updated visuals and a slew of other intriguing new additions. You'll experience what it's like to be transported to a Minecraft town where a dreadful illness has swept through and turned the locals into monsters with a taste for human blood. You're on your own now, and you'll need to rid the area of vicious zombies and armed robber gangs who took advantage of the riots to make a killing.

What Is Counter Craft 3: Zombies?
The exhilarating action-packed shooting game Counter Craft 3 Zombies is set in the Minecraft universe. The goal of the game is to stay alive while fending off waves of zombies with one of three weapon kinds. If you like shooting games, you should definitely check this one out. The game's levels escalate in severity, with later levels requiring more kills of progressively more deadly zombies. Players will face more difficult foes, such as troops and bombs, as they advance through the game's levels.

How To Play Counter Craft 3: Zombies?
Several challenging levels await you, each with its own set of enemies that must be eliminated before you can advance. The Desert Eagle, the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, and the Dragon Lore WUA are just some of the weaponry at your disposal. You'll get an experience on par with Counter-Strike thanks to the game's colourful skins and realistic weapon models. Keep your distance from the infected; despite their sluggish speed, they do powerful damage that will kill you in a matter of hits yet still leave you with enough health to resurrect. Randomly placed dynamite blocks may be utilized to wipe out large groups of enemies fast. But be cautious; standing too near to the explosion's epicentre might result in a ludicrous death. Remember that falling from a tremendous height might also have tragic results. Luck!

Controls In Counter Craft 3: Zombies?
Move with the arrow keys, press space to jump, press C to crouch, use the mouse to aim and fire, press R to reload, and press 1, 2, or 3 to switch weapons. The idea and gameplay are so straightforward and thrilling that you can get started playing and having fun right away. Press the T key for slow-motion mode. CRT to crunch.

Release Date     May 2023
Date added 
        Chicago Time: 08:01 On 2 May 2023

Type                        WebGL
Mobile ready          No
HTTPS Ready         Yes
Gender                       Shooting, Fighting, ActionFightingGTA, MultiplayerUnblocked, Gamesunblocked 66, unblocked 76SkillsAbilitiesBoys.

The Counter Craft 3: Zombies game was developed by G55. But you can play the game online with many of the developers here on

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The web browser version of the Counter Craft 3: Zombies game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

More Information About Counter Craft 3: Zombies
Fans of Minecraft, zombie, and Counter Strike games, are welcome to join the fun FPS Counter Craft 3: Zombies game here on Where the Counter Craft 3: Zombies game it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly on browsers. If you enjoyed this blocky counter strike game free make sure you check other FPS games on our website! 

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