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Are you looking for the best .io games to play with friends online from 2020? Then here on, you can play and have fun in, which is one of our top selected new io games that you can find in our multiplayer and growing games classified in our list of io games offered free on our website. So want to become wild and evolve into the strongest beast in the arena?

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In this fun io game, you have the possibility to evolve into any type of creature you desire, by testing different combinations of skills to create the ultimate wild creature with the purpose of dominating the ecosystem. it's developed with html5 technology been optimized to run smoothly on any browsers and also on some mobile devices. When playing the game no download is necessary. To play the game using the mouse to move on the arena. The main important tasks in the game are to eat fruits to grow and avoid been chased from behind and eaten by larger animals. Although a creature is bigger than you can only be harmed or eaten from behind, so make sure you always turn and face the problems with your cute face!


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