How to play?

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.Space to jump.use 1,2,3,4 to change guns.

Crusher Space Unity 3D

Looking for some of the best free online 3D shooting games from There you are in luck here on brightestgames we give the latest game from A10 called Crusher Space Unity 3D games. This action shooting pack game it's very similar to the classic game Quake 3 games. The respawn mode it's similar the maps are also almost identical. You can say it that you are playing Quake 3 online. In Crusher Space Unity 3D you will play online against friends and other users struggling to survive in the space base. Find new weapons and drugs in order to achieve it. Use mouse to aim and shoot the other players. Use the mouse scroll to change the weapons. Use space to jump over obstacles. And if you get shoot collect health bars to restore your life to stay more in the game. Play as much as you can and have fun with your friends with this new free online shooting Crusher Space games here on brightestgames. And try other multiplayer games online here on brightestgames. Good luck and have fun!

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Cool Information & Statistics

This game was added in March 25, 2014 and it was played 6.1k times since then. Crusher Space Unity 3D is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.12 / 5 from 33 votes.