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Play the latest Apocalyptic survival zombie games online for free as this awesome .io game called is a post-apocalyptic third-person multiplayer online shooter with a twist. The twist in this game is you must scavenge loot and stay alive shooting bloodthirsty zombies and eliminate the other players from the map. Start playing the game and gear up preparing for one epic battle in this PvPvE third-person shooter
Equipt only with a knife at the begging you must fast look for ammo and guns while avoiding the other players and the zombies. Pick up boxes, pistols, shotguns, Ak's and take cover to higher grounds zombie will attack you from all the sides. Shoot from distance with SMG guns and if you get closer combat switch to the shotgun to be able to finish fast your battle and retreat. To much noise will alert the other players and the horde of zombies, you will be overwhelmed fast. Stay alive as much as possible and remember at the end of the match the players with the higher score will win the game. If you enjoy this type of survival game make sure you try other similar 3D  game like Zombs, Zombie Threat, Zombie Choppa, and Zombie Siege Outbreak. Good luck!
Release Date
January 2019
Develope is made by Evil Noob, LLC.
Web browser.
  • Enjoy a fun multiplayer PvPvE third-person shooter game.
  • Nice looking 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • A large map with many places to explore and endless possibilities.
  • Many types of weapons like knives, pistols, shotgun, AK's and more.
  • Choose to play between medic, recon, engineer, heavy and assault.
  • Nice music animations and sounds.
  • Leaderboard.
  • Nice physics and collisions.
More Information About
It is a nice multiplayer shooting game that can be played for free online on it's developed with WebGL technology allowing to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this zombie 3D shooting game make sure you try other games like Donald TrapZombie HazardExiled Zombies, and Zombies vs Berserk. Good luck! Good luck!


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