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Drift Hunters 2 Description

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And get ready to join the most outstanding cars car games classified in our top drifting game category here on our website. Press the pedal to the floor in the latest WebGL 3D car racing games online for free and test-drive while drifting in the newest sequel of Drift Hunters games. Drift Hunters 2 is the second part of an amazing 3D car-driving that features awesome drifting cars where you can look to explore ten brand new locations and a total of twenty-five streetcars. Select over 25 awesome drift cars from this drift hunter unblocked. Choose and drive your dreams car from many modified streetcars and select a track to start the fun! Drive along the track, make great drifts, and try to get as many points as you can before you reach the finish line. Buy new cars and many other improvements, such as better brakes, turbo, and gearboxes from the garage in this epic drift hunters unity. Also, what is to appreciate in this drift hunters game is the best car customization with detailed car tuning. Improve your driving and drifting skills and have fun with Drift Hunters 2 games on while testing the most realistic cars drift physics. And don't forget to play the first unblocked Drift Hunters version of the game directly in your browser also here!

Thoughts from players about the game! 
Mike From Romania: 
We've all requested it, a few of us more tenacious than others, yet these game requirements an update for hell's sake. This game isn't terrible in any way. Great arcade wanderer. At times I have a great time. I neglect how quick I'm going and let completely go, lose my combo, get distraught, rehash! The main issue is that I need to play with the sound off because a V8 C-Class seems like a strict lawnmower traded hatchback some high schooler from the Bronx calls his "everyday driver." The sound is the fundamental issue. Physical science is excellent, and it's an arcade wanderer. Simply the "float" part alone gets me rolling. In any case, the fire-up tuning is so... incredible. Gives me migraines. One tune in of an actual manual gearbox vehicle, and you'd say, "goodness, that is awful." I'm not requesting an Update Haul, yet a sound update would make this game a ton, and I mean much better. I mean, you folks are on the top looks for "float." Why not make the additional half stride and do a sound update? And I can guarantee you, developer(s), that this game will be top 3 if not number 1 on the diagrams! 
Jhon From USA: 
This game is excellent throughout, the designs are incredible, and the physical science is magnificent. Yet, it is fantastic to have more realistic sounds, explicitly the super because the sound resembles you let off the gas; however, while you're speeding up, I additionally figure it would be a wise venture to have somewhat more tuning, inside and remotely like the motor and some body mods, another thought is some more tracks, yet that is not a need because the tracks it has been excellent, so I trust the engineers think about this stuff since it would make the game a 5-star game.

Controls Drift Hunters 2:
Use W, A, S, D, or arrows keys to steer the car. Use the space bar as a handbrake, C for changing the camera position left shift to shift up gears, and left CTRL to shift down gears.  

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Drift Hunters 2 Game Features 
  • Detailed car tuning
  • The best car customization. Paint your car in any colour with 4 types of paint.
  • Change rims, paint rims. Stance it
  • Upgrade performance of your car makes more skids
  • 10 nice tracks for drifting, racing, or just doing burnouts
  • Realistic drift physics
  • Collect drift points and earn money
  • Try different handling schemes
The game is available in the browser and on mobile devices (Android and iOS).
Game Developer. The game is developed by Studionum43. You can play the game free on
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6
Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked
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