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Extreme Racing Rally Description

A new game was released by VitalityGames, named Extreme racing rally. 3 opponents will compete with you trying to get to the first place in this race. Do you think you can handle it? Drive some of the latest cars such as Range Rover Evoque, Jeep and Suzuki swift super 1600. Start your race with Jeep, continue with Range Rover Evoque and finish it with Suzuki swift super 1600. This game offer you 7 levels of racing on dirty and dusty roads.If you want to win a lot of money, you will need to try to finish on the first place. Second place will bring you less money, third place will bring you less money then the second place and forth place is not bringing you any money. Winning more you will be able to upgrade your car buying 3 new different engines, wheels, rimes or 2 new cars.Try to beat your opponents, but if you don't, then gather money so you can upgrade your engine. This will help you to get to the first place. Be careful because on each level, your competitors will be better and faster. Speed up, do some drifts with your car, cut curves and have fun! BrightestGames offer you the best free online racing games. You must try others! Have fun and good luck racing with other drivers!


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