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Fear Less! Escape the Nightmare Description

Have you heard the story about the Red Riding Hood? If not you can play a similar game online on brightestygames called Fear Less! Escape the Nightmare games.Dear diary, I had a dream I was playing a wonderful flash game with awesome sound and perfectly fitting graphics. Unfortunately, I had to wake up... Fearless is an interesting idea and has a decent storyline for an distance flash game. The short storyline behind Fear Less is you playing as a little girl who has the same recurring dream over and over again, being chased by a fox grim reaper in a forest. It's pretty scary to have such nightmares! Therefore, clear your mind and overcome it by learning how to fear less.It's a beautiful and enjoyable game the developers have crafted. So as she runs, the forest turns against her trying to cripple her with obstacles; Mushrooms trying to trip her, foxes start attacking her, rabbits slowing her down by skipping towards her and etc. I like how it makes sense how the game only ends once you've gotten all the medals, if you think about it. You start as a weak, mostly helpless girl with no idea what's going on, but as she goes through the nightmare again and again, she gets stronger and stronger, to the point where she's really no longer scared. She basically is being a stronger version of yourself to escape the nightmare. Here is something we can learn from!I manage to beat the nightmare, it wasn't as difficult when it came down to it. It has some challenges but they don't take grinding, just getting a bit used to the game. Really the hardest part is to run flawlessly for 2 minutes. And the upgrade system is there to help you, it certainly adds a little replay value. I had a good time with this and am looking forward to a similar continuation of this. Keep up the good work! It makes me wonder how many foxes woke up that night after having a nightmare about strolling though a forest, minding their own business, only to be mercilessly being disemboweled by a passing girl with a red bow and a sword.Don't get scared and good luck!


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