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Final Fighters Description

Play online the latest and the most awesome 3D games only on Click to play this epic fun beat'em'up game with realistic physics and hardcore game-play called Final Fighters.
Enjoy the thrill and the action with a beautiful kung fu babe. You only need to use the buttons for some nice and various martial art movements. Polish your fighting technique and fight with hundreds of thugs on the streets of New York. 
Smash the barrels and crates and get bananas to refill your life. Pick up pistols, knives and baseball bat to help you fight more easy the large waves of enemies. Use Z and X keys to come up with various fighting combinations. Become the best and the fastest fighter like the famous Bruce lee and have a blast online with the best street fighting games.
Release Date
August  2018
Final Fighters is developed by Sandy
Web browser.
  • Awesome looking 3D graphics with easy game-play.
  • Fight with fist, arms, legs and weapons to eliminate the thugs.
  • Improve your fighting skills and become the fearless street fighter.
  • Smooth and nice animations.
  • Easy and fun to play.


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