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Five Nights At Freddy's 3

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Fans of scary and horror games are welcome to the spine-chilling realm of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a home restaurant-pizzeria that conceals a nightmarish horror. By day, it offers delectable meals and captivating entertainment for children through animatronic robots. However, when night falls, a terrifying abyss engulfs the premises. Brace yourself for "3 Nights at Freddy's," where we reunite with the nerve-wracked Mike Schmidt, who still toils away amidst the malevolence. 

What Is The FNAF 3 game about?
Are you prepared to endure five more harrowing nights with Freddy and his amiable yet monstrous animatronics team? Introducing the game "Nights at Freddy's 3," where you'll encounter the novel animatronic known as Springtrap. This robot distinguishes itself by featuring a unique design—a hybrid of a separate animatronic robot and a human costume. When a person donned this suit, the spring mechanisms segregated the animatronic components, allowing ample space for the wearer.

Unfortunately, Springtrap was retired after numerous tests due to the unreliability of its spring mechanisms. The suit also incorporated sound sensors that instantaneously reacted to children's laughter, enabling Springtrap to entertain them for extended periods. Nevertheless, the saga of Springtrap did not culminate there. Now, let's return to Mike's pizzeria. This time, you won't possess a mask, protective doors, or a salvaging flashlight. Your arsenal will be limited to two operational panels. The first panel facilitates repairs for the breakdowns orchestrated by phantom animatronics, while the second panel acts as a control hub for surveillance cameras.

Tips In Five Nights at Freddy's 3 game!
Your duty entails inspecting all rooms while remaining cautious of Springtrap. To deceive him, you can employ the Balun Boy sound file, but only within the room currently under your camera's scrutiny. FNAF 3 introduces not only Springtrap as the primary antagonist but also phantom animatronics. For instance, the phantom version of Balun Boy (Bibi) only materializes when you grab the tablet and substitute the displayed image with your own face. If you're "fortunate" enough to spot Bibi on one of the cameras, you must swiftly switch to another camera or close the tablet; otherwise, Bibi will assail you and disable the ventilation system.

Tricks In Five Nights at Freddy's 3?
Now, let us reminisce about Springtrap. This trickster possesses the ability to neutralize all defence systems. To rectify this, you must reboot the system by utilizing the tablet situated in the game's left corner. By doing so, you can reinstate the settings and functionality of the systems. Should Springtrap attempt to infiltrate your location through the ventilation pipes, you can obstruct his path by closing any segment of the ventilation shaft. Simply double-click on one of the ventilation chambers with the left button.

Within this instalment of "Five Nights at Freddy's 3," you'll engage in several mini-games that commence after each night spent within Freddy the Bear's realm. These mini-games will introduce you to the enigmatic Purple Man, often referred to as Purple. He is believed to be a serial killer responsible for the demise of five children within the pizzeria.

As the mini-games unfold, a series of interconnected events gradually emerge. It appears that Purple, donning the Springtrap costume, was the culprit behind the animatronics' demise—Foxy, Chika, Bonnie, Freddy, and the others. Their phantoms were the tormentors haunting Mike in his office. In the ultimate mini-game, you'll assume the role of a sorrowful child, the initial victim of this maniac. Your task is to coerce him back into the animatronic suit. Alongside the souls of the deceased children, you will witness the demise of the Purple.

Release Date     March 2, 2015
Date Added        Chicago Time: 09:02 From 24 May 2023

Type                               WebGL 
HTTPS Ready               Yes
Mobile Ready               Yes
Mobile Mode                 Yes
Genre                             ScarySurviveBoysWebGL, Mistery, Fantasy, HorrorUnblocked, Gamesunblocked 66, unblocked 76

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The Five Nights at Freddy's 3 game was developed by a fan-made developer called MIT Scratch.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

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