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Fly or Description

Fly or Die .io the game it's a fun growing and game that you can play on browsers for free here on Fly or Die .io it's one of our selected animals and multiplayer games classified in the list of io games offered free on our website. In the game, you must follow these important rules to be able to survive and evolve. Eat thinks with a green border, this indicates the animal or insects are safe for you to eat to be able to grow. Avoid creatures with a red border, meaning you will be eaten by them, so try to avoid them by hiding in clouds or constantly moving. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, but also don't fall into the water you will need oxygen if you don't have enough oxygen you will die and are respawned from level 1. Each creature you evolve seems to have a special ability or shill, to help you hunt and have food use it. Learn the most advanced techniques like, moving all the time, hiding, what to driving, and what to eat to be able to evolve into the most powerful or stronger beast-player in the game.


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