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Football Kickoff

What Is Football Kickoff?
Get ready to step into the shoes of a quarterback in "Football Kickoff," where you'll take on the challenging position of delivering the perfect kick in American football. It's your chance to shine on the field and prove your mettle as you aim to send the football soaring through the goalposts for that game-winning score. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory?

The World Championship Final Awaits:
The stakes couldn't be higher; you're in the final of the world championship! Tough opponents stand between you and glory, and it all comes down to that crucial kick. The entire team relies on you to score the goal that will secure victory.

Precision Is Key:
In "Football Kickoff," precision is everything. Calculate the strength and direction of your kick meticulously, considering factors like distance, wind direction, and your position on the field. Only a player with impeccable aim and strategy will have a shot at the perfect touchdown. Are you ready to prove that you're the best quarterback of all time?

Embrace the Spirit of American Football:
American football is celebrated in many countries, and "Football Kickoff" invites you to immerse yourself in the thrill of the sport. Take on the role of a striker for an American football team, poised on the field, ready to make that crucial play. Your objective is clear: get the ball in play and score a goal. It's a test of your skill, precision, and strategic thinking.

Master the Art of the Kickoff:
As the quarterback, your every move counts. Use your mouse or finger controls to swipe the ball and launch it through the goal in the air. Every shot must be perfectly timed and aimed. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of lives; missing the goal five times means the game is over. Strive for a high score and aim for that sweet spot at the centre of the goal for maximum points.

A Race Against Time:
The clock is ticking, and you must make every second count. Shoot as many balls as you can before time runs out. This game demands speed, accuracy, and a keen sense of timing to succeed in many of the similar American football games online!

Challenge Yourself to Aim True:
With each kickoff, the position from which you launch the ball will change, keeping the challenge fresh and exciting. Can you adapt and consistently hit those perfect kicks?

It's time to prove your quarterback prowess and experience the rush of American football in "Football Kickoff." Lead your team to victory, rack up those points, and take your place among the gridiron greats. Get ready to kick off the ultimate quarterback challenge and dominate the field, as you can see in this epic, fun, mobile American football game unblocked.

Release Date      October 2017, and updated to WebGL in 2022.
Date Added         Chicago Time: 23 October 2023

Type                                      Html5 - WebGL
Platform                               PC, Web browser, and also on all mobile devices.
Mobile Ready                     Yes
Mobile Mode                        Landscape.
Developer                         Manager Factory
HTTPS Ready                      Yes
Added To Categories:        Sports, Timing, Soccer, BoyFootball, KidsOlympicHTML5AbilitySingle-playerUnblockedWebGLGAMESunblocked 66, unblocked 76Unblocked Games to Play at schoolSkill.

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