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FNF Vs Crewmate (Among Us)

What is the FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)?
To find that more bought this new FNF mode make sure you explore and play it on in the two-game modes Story and FreePlay. When you start playing the game you will be placed into a spic and span scene from the realm of Friday Night Funkin' which is called FNF versus Impostor V3 (Among Us). Where Boyfriend rap-fight a dubious-looking crewmate. This new mod accompanies three recent weeks, tunes, new characters and conflicts. The 3.0 update has been worked on as far as the amount and nature of the content. There are two further weeks in this mod that are Mira HQ and Skeld. You'll be conflicting with the green faker, performing four new melodies that will occur in various areas of the Among Us map. This subsequent week is a bit remarkable where you will see the final form of the Green Imposter and play out the most troublesome tune of the mod, where you need to overcome this sus crewmate, who may be a faker, on the accompanying custom tunes: Suspicious, Meeting, Vented, Double Kill and last Mongus. 
Rout the crewmate through music, and open him to the individual space explorers! 
At the point when you see bolt images over BF's head match with each other, try to press similar bolt keys on your console yourself, and continue to do it until the finish of the tune to win. Be mindful not to miss squeezing the keys in succession too often because that implies you, in the end, lose and need to begin once more. You can play at a degree of trouble fitting your personal preference, and you've additionally got both a story mode and free play mode accessible. Start the great now, as just here is conceivable, and try to stay close by for a more significant amount of it, as just here you find!

Controls in FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)!
-Press Enter to select/move through the game interfaces.
-Press ESC to go back into the previous interface.
-Utilize the Up, Down, Left, and Right fastens to follow the musicality and beat your competitors!
-With the + and you can lower the volume of the songs throughout the game.

Songs in FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)?
-Double Kill

Mod Credit:
Key Mod Creator
        Lexicord: Director, Programming, Animation
        MykeLegin: Co. Director, Animator, Artist
        PrffsrBONNIE: Musician
        OuchMyPhysics: Made “Mongus”
        Wizord: Additional Art
        Goodenoty: Thumbnail Art
        niffirg: emotional support

Original Crewmate (Among Us) Mod Credit:
-Homskiy: Project Leader / Tabis DAD
-GWebDev: Scripter
-Tenzubushi: Music Composer / Art / Sprites Editor / Charter
-DaDrawingLad: My battle Charts.

What is FNF versus Impostor V3? 
As we can see while playing the game, this new FNF versus Impostor V3 is one of the most famous FNF Mods in rhythm types. You can play this mod on your browsers and PC without any liberated from payment. 
How to play FNF versus Impostor V3? 
This mode keeps all the same game settings( for PC). But you can play also with the console. 
Who made FNF versus Impostor V3? 
After researching on BG we see the developer of this new FNF Among Us mode is called Clowfoe.

How to Download FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)?
Only download the mod for your high-end Desktop PC and mobile devices on GB. Or just play without having to friday night funkin download the game here on our website on

Released on:     16.09.2021
Date added:      
Chicago Time 16 September 2021 16:11

Type                       Haxe and OpenFL technology
HTTPS ready          Yes
Genre                      MusicAbilities, Cool Math, Cartoon, Dance, Among Us.
Platforms                Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, and Web

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This mode of the FNF is an open-source beta game, so make sure to support the developers here.
The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Avast secure, and Avant Browser. 

More Information About FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)
Prepare yourself to join an extreme rap battle against the Among us Crewmates, where BF rap battles on their spaceship. The FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us) version of the game is developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology, which allows the game to work on all browsers. If you like this FNF game online, try other Friday Night Funkin' not blocked games from the series on our website!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us) week here on

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