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Friday Night Funkin Vs Garnnie

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And get ready to join yet another mode from the Friday Night Funkin' series where our protagonist Boyfriend takes on music and rhythms battles against a kids version of Garcello called Garnnie. From the narrative of the game, it seems that Garnnie it's a girl cartoon character. Where in this version of the game there is only one mode called Unleased. The Unleased mode replaces the original ''Story'' mode, where you have the possibility to adjust the intensity of the songs and lower the rhythm so even noob players can do good against Garnnie.
How does Garnnie from the FNF mode look like?
Well as we play the game we can observe that the style of the clothes is pretty similar to the ones Garcello use to wear. You got that dark green color of the outfit that is complementary with the color of the hair, that it is lighter in color. The pants and T-shirt have a red color pretty similar to the robots looking red color of the aye that can only be seen a little beat from under the hair. What is interesting it's that the microphone that Garnnie is using seems to be transparent and it doesn't seem to use or hold it with her hand. Also, she seems to smoke with an electric cigarette ;)). Play the game and leave some comments below on other interesting facts you find about this mode, by sharing them with plenty of FNF lovers that enjoy the game here on our website! 

Controls in Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie!
This mode still has the original game settings like any mode from the FNF series. So to play the game press Enter to select/move through the game interfaces. Press ESC to go back into the previous interface.

Credit for this Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie goes to: 
Make sure to give the developers your support/feedback on their group media by supporting, watching, loving, etc.
1.Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle Creators
atsuover: Art, Music, Coding
Rageminer: Voice Samples, Coding

2.Vs Garnnie Creators
Gravy: Charting
Peppy: Coding
Rannn: GUI + Others
Derrakuzu: GUI + Others
LTM-Leo: Artist
Alanm31: GUI + Others
Goldie_5: GUI + Others
ZacksGamerz: Coding
KlavierGayming: Coding
Aarontal: Artist/Creator
fueg0: Composer
Original credit of Friday Night Funkin'
-ninja_muffin99 – Programming
-KadeDev – Programming
-PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – Artists
-kawaisprite – Music
Released on:     22.06.2021
Date added:      
Chicago Time 06:53 on 24 June 2021

Type                       Kade Engine
Status                     In development
HTTPS ready 
Genre                      Dance, Music, Rhythm, Abilities.
Platforms                Windows, macOS, Linux, PC, Web Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Enjoy a new game mode from the '' Friday Night Fukin' '' now in the third edition called Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie.
  • The game keeps the same game setting of the gameplay as in the original FNF game.
  • We can know how many songs the mode contains, although there are plenty of them.
  • The ''Story'' mode is replaced by the ''Unleased'' mode.
  • The Unleased mode also provides you with the possibility to modify the intensity of the game from easy, to normal, and hard.
  • The game is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, WebGL.
  • HTTPS ready
  • Addicting game-play.
-Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie
-FNF vs PARAPPA (Prince Fleaswallow)

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Avast secure, and Avant Browser. 

This mode of the FNF is an open-source match, that you can support the developers here. ( the original Friday Night Funkin game that started all these dace and rhythm 
madness battles).

More Information About Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie

Complete in the third FNF mode game with our famous character Garcello in new songs and dance battles here on Where this Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie version of the game is developed with Haxe and OpenFL technology which allows the game to work on windows, browsers, and PC devices smoothly. If you like this FNF game mode online make sure to play online FNF games from the series like FNF Vs Garcello Retrospecter Release here on our website. Have fun!

Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Friday Night Funkin vs Garnnie mod here on

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