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Galactic Force Description

Play online the latest adrenaline-pumping game in first person like this Galactic Force and emerge into the future in a fierce fight to survive. Click to play now this fun multiplayer Galactic Force game for free on Start playing the game and select one of our three heroes available in the game like:
Sniper: equipped with sniper, pistol, knife and the ability to regenerate.
Tank: Equipped with a shotgun, knife and the ability shield or armory +50.
Fighter: Equipped with rifle, knife and the ability to slide. There are other weapons that the heroes don't have like the RPG rocket launcher.
Some feature of some weapons like colors, power, style and more can be unlocked if you reach certain levels. In each day you play the game you will be rewarded from the reward box with money and XP. Each time you play the game you will earn a certain level. Come back tomorrow play again you will level up and more guns are available. You can join the multiplayer battles on the existing rooms or you can create a private room with a password for you and your friends. Find the perfect spot to hide and shoot with the sniper and annihilate the other players. Defend the best spots on the map, search for ammo and medic kit for regenerating your health. Avoid fighting in the open space you can be killed easily and improve your skills to be the best. If you enjoy this game you can also try other similar 3D shooting games like Combat Reloaded, Death Squad: The Last Mission and Desert of Evil. Good luck and enjoy shooting.
Release Date
November 2018
Galactic Force was developed by Freeze Nova.
  • Awesome first person shooting game with detailed graphics.
  • You can play with 3 different heroes like Sniper, Tank, and Fighter.
  • One large map with endless possibilities and place to hide and fight.
  • Use weapons like knives, pistols, shotguns, rifles, and RPG.
  • A level up system based on kills and daily game-plays
  • Daily rewards will provide money and XP for leveling up.
  • Some weapons require level 10, level 20 and even level 30 so you can play with them.
  • Nice animations and sounds.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Web browser.


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