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And try now on one of the most aspired GTR cars drifting game on browsers and also on mobile devices. Where you can experience one of the most realistic drifting systems with 15 high-quality cars like the M4, 350z, WRx, GTR, E46M3, Charger, Civici, Viper, Supra, Evo, C63, and more. Also, you can select from 5 different drift tracks and one city track. And play around with a cool game setting like the radio option, you can change the music if you are driving from inside the cars. When you are performing long and great drifts you can record yourself and also activate the slow-motion effect, then watch how cool you were. When you are driving from outside of the cars you can change the camera angle by pressing the ''C'' key and select from multiple cameras angles to see which one is the better to help you drift more, avoid the obstacles, and also the cop car that is chasing and smashing into your drifting car. Drive fast use the spacebar to make the cars slide and the nitro to boost your speed while gliding to create the most awesome drifts, this will give you points and get your final score higher. Also, make sure you customize your car's color paint, rims, and also change the plate number to have the best-looking tuned cars in this GTR Drift Fever here on

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This supercar drifting game unblocked called GTR Drift Fever is one of our top racing and drifting games you can play on our website for free. It's classified in our drifting, driving, 3D games, and simulator category with games offered free on our website. In this realistic car racing games pc, you can enjoy stunning realistic graphics with highly detailed cars, tracks, a garage, and many more cool car-related things. But the most fun is the realistic drifting physics of the cars and the way the tuned cars look! To experience the real deal you must set the game to full screen. GTR Drift Fever it's developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work on any type of browser. That's why when you are playing the game for the first time no download necessities are required. Do your best have fun whit this drifting car drifting game pro and also play other similar games like Rx7 Drift 3D. Good luck, and become the king of the drift!

Controls in GTR Drift Fever!

Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To drive the cars use the "ARROW KEYS", or the "W, A, S, D" buttons. If you want to pause the game press the "Escape" button. To make the cars slide and drift press the "Space" bar. To change the view of the game-play press the "C" key. For other controls like gear shit up: "Left Shift" gear shit down: "Left Control" N gear: "N" boost/nos press the "F" Slow Motion: "G" Lookback: "B".

Released on:     Friday, April 09, 2021
Date added:      Chicago Time 06:06 on 10 April 2021 06:06

                           WebGL and subtype Javascript.
Mobile Mode             Yes
Mobile ready             Yes
Platform                     PC, Web browser, and also on App Store and Google Play Store.
Categories                 Driving, Sports, Cars, Drifting, Tuning.
HTTPS  ready            Yes

GTR Drift Fever was developed by Home Freelancer. But you can play the games online for free on

  • Awesome 3D stunning graphics with beautifully detailed cars and drifting tracks.
  • Test 15 different cars available in the garage like Civici, Viper, Supra, Evo, C63, 350z, WRx, GTR, E46M3, M4, Charger, and more.
  • Unlimited nitro in the game.
  • Achievements to completed. 
  • Full-screen mode avilabe.
  • You can drive the cars from inside, experience ing high quality looking cars.
  • A cool slow-motion effect.
  • You can record yourself.
  • Great car driving and drifting physics.
  • You can listen to the radio and change its music where you are driving from inside the cars.
  • Nice music and sounds.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

The game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, and Avant Browser.

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More Information About GTR Drift Fever
Enjoy this realistic 3D drifting game for pc to improving your abilities behind the wheels of some of the most cooled tuned cars and supercars here on Where the GTR Drift Fever game it's developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all browsers. If you like this game also explore and play the best 1 player drifting racing games pc online to have fun on our website!

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