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Halloween Werewolf Escape Description

In time, some horror Halloween stories went so wrong that no one knows for sure either it's fake or something strange had actually happened. This game ''Halloween Werewolf Escape'' you're gonna play it's just a simple story about how you will be the driver to this cart which delivering this creepy pumpkins to a final destination you do not know yet is crucial. Our land will carry you through the raper stories again and again.
Be very careful to the big wolf that is chasing you. He might be thirsty, and he is not looking for water my friend, trust me on that. He is out for blood! Your blood! So with the help of the arrow keys try to slip away in this forgotten forest that no one will ever hear you if you scream. Try to be confident and brave even if on your way out there might be some surprises on your exit. Share our game if you love it and we are still here for your any game you want to play. Stay safe!
Release Date
October, 2017
  • Awesome detailed graphics with a Halloween theme.
  • 20 intense and challenging levels with dangerous roads, wolves and witches.
  • Each level has a indicated number of pumpkins you have to carry to the finish to pass.
  • Each pumpkins lost from the cart will increase the speed of wolf and he will catch you.
  • Cool music, animations spooky sounds.
  • Easy and fun to play.
Halloween Spooky Motocross was made by
Web browser, Android and iOS


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