How to play?

  • Use mouse to play the game.

Human Vs. Monster 2

During a war conflict the defending unit is often in an advantage. It is thanks to buildings which the unit can use for own protection. And they do it. You will see it alone in this game Human vs Monster 2 where you are in the lead of the attacking army. Your task is select ideal units for fight about every area. There will be needed especially be careful, because some buildings are very danger and can kill all soldiers in their near. Therefore very useful is destroy them as latest, moreover remotely with help of archers. If you lose a battle, you will lose also all soldiers deployed in it. If it happens, and it will happen, you must go get money from some of already won areas. Do not give up the game after first failure and try to get all areas. Have fun.

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Cool Information & Statistics

This game was added in August 11, 2015 and it was played 2.4k times since then. Human Vs. Monster 2 is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 0.00 / 5 from 0 votes.