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Hungry Shark Arena

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Play Hungry Shark Arena game free online on on browsers and mobile device that is one of our top selected shark games for android, and shark games pc free. Where you will join the nice multiplayer session of underwater battle arena against players from all over the world. As the game start, you are captured into a net and dragged out of the water into the sky. Use the mouse to tap or click as fast as possible to make the white shark break that fishing net and land in the safety of the water! Safety of the water you will think? Once you landed in the water the battle for survival begins, where you will see many shark players will hunt and grow their shark species. The goal of the game like in all multiplayer io games with sharks is to become the bigger and most badass shark or the most fierce predator in the sea. Also in this similar share games you must move, go after, and hunt different smaller types of fish or take on killing smaller sharks then you to grow into a larger white shark. By growing you will stay on the top of the food chain, meaning the faster you grow the harder will be for the other sharks to kill or eat you. If you see a bigger shark make a sprint by holding the left click button and then release it, this will make the shark boost its speed for a short period of time and also on a limited distance. Like in all battle royale games underwater or out of the water, the zone will limit your playground as time passes, so if you see the green zone closing on you try to avoid it. What is interesting that the green zone is only underwater, you will see humans swinging above the surface where the green death zone is and they seem to be fine. As you grow and the arena shrinks so dose your hunting grounds, then focus on eating divers and people as much as possible, this will bust your growth a lot and you will become a great white shark. When you run out of prey underwater jump out of the water and try to eat the birds that will provide you with points, XP, and growth. There are 12 different species of shark available in the game unblock them all and have fun and the shark names ''Chibs'' will be the most powerful shark species that you must have to dominate the arena.

Play Hungry Shark Arena game online
In this shark game eating people ''Hungry Shark Arena'' you can play the game on full screen to admire the quality graphics that are quite optimized to work on any browser devices. Because the game it's developed with html5, it will work smoothly also on all mobile devices. When playing the game for the first time no download is necessary. So have fun in this massive multiplayer battleground underwater area became the largest beast who lives on the sea. And, make sure you play other similar shark games online like LA Shark and Good luck and have fun!
How to play Hungry Shark Arena
To play the game use the mouse on browsers and on mobile devices tap and hold while directing the way you want to move the shark.
Release Date
September 20, 2020

Hungry Shark Arena was developed by Ubisoft, but you can play the game online along with other game from the developer like TrackMania Blitz (BETA).
Game Features
  • Play a fun action-packed 3D shark game multiplayer with the great white.
  • Great 3D realistic graphics.
  • Eat, grow, and avoid been eaten until you become the larger shark, not the ocean.
  • 12 species of shark available in the game to be unblocked.
  • Daily reward up until the seven days!
  • You can party with friends.
  • Fluid animations with smooth game-play.
  • A green zone that shrinks and kills you avoid it.
  • Engaging game-play with great shark physiques.
  • Avoid touching or run into bombs they will explode stun you for a few seconds making you vulnerable to other sharks in the area. 
  • Https and mobile-ready.
  • Easy and fun to play
More Information About Hungry Shark Arena
Have fun with a great white shark game arena online directly in your browser for free here on Hungry Shark Arena it's developed with html5 technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this shark hunting game make sure you play other realistic free shark games here on our website.

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