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Play the best io games survival online here on and experience a fun egg situation in game it's a fun chicken growing multiplayer game that you can play on browsers and mobiles for free on BrightetsGames. And it's one of our selected animal and skill games classified in our list of io games offered for free on our website. In the game, you must steer a larger chicken and collect and many baby chickens to form a snake shape, the more you have the power you get. So do your best to collect as many eggs as possible, and attack the other birds. Sounds easy no? yes it fun and entertaining, also in the game you can play three games mode called ''io Mod'' Battle Royale mode and Team Mode. In the first mode ''IO'' you will play the classic io gameplay, where you round around the arena collecting eggs grow and then dominating the other players. In the battle royale mode, you will battle against other players and when you die you are dead, and the alive players will continue to battle until the last guy is alive. And of course in the Team mode, you will join your friends or other players and work a team to take down the other chickens and eggs, to dominate the arena, and win the game.

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The is developed with html5 technology that makes the game very optimized to work on any type of browser and also on mobile devices. So when you are playing the game for the first time no download requirements are needed. All you need to do is to raise those chickens and become the biggest chicken in the game. Have fun and good luck with the game.

How to play
On browsers use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. Press the buttons from the right side of the game interface that indicates the speed and the click two-button that act like shoot chicken weapons. If you shoot with the chicken you will transform the other player into eggs that you can collect as grow.
Release Date
January 2020

Developer was developed by But you can play the game online for free on

Web browser (desktop and mobile). The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Enjoy a fun chicken .io game 3D with a cute graphics style.
  • 14 different chicken skins available in the game.
  • Three game modes, io, battle royale, and team.
  • You can watch videos to earn 500 gold!
  • You can play the game on android and iSO.
  • Use the boost speed to escape the other players.
  • Make money from the kills to be able to buy better skins and souvenirs to customize your chicken character. 
  • Easy and fun to play.

More Information 
Enjoy a  fun online 3D chicken .io game from the year 2020. it's developed with Html5 technology that makes the game work perfectly in all modern browsers. can be played for free directly on your browser here on So have fun in the game modes team up with your friends to become the biggest and stronger chickens in the arena. And have a blast with other similar io animal multiplayer games here on our website.


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