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Imposter 3D Game Description

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And join in this fun action-packed sneak and kill Among us game where you play as a good crewmate and try to kill all the bad imposters among us to save your friends (astronauts) injured from the hospital. You are equipped with a laser sword like the ''Jeday'' have and you only need one blow or strike and the enemies will fall down. But they are a lot and have guns and weapons too, you must snake from behind slowly without making any noise, and kill them or by one without been caught in their range of site-view. The range of view is represented by the red light( that acts as a short flashlight) if they see you it's all over you are killed instantly. But not if you can sneak and take them out on each level to complete the number of imposter enemies you have to kill to finish the round and save some of your crewmembers. Do your best to complete all missions and try not to get caught. Also, this ''Imposter 3D'' game is unblocked if you want to play it while you are in school, been appropriate for you to play it!

Play Imposter 3D Game online.
Understanding all regarding this among us free game specifies above, you can start playing the game and see what you can manage in this epic fun battle of the good and evil in space. Also, this Imposter 3D Game it's developed with WebGL technology that makes the game work smoothly on all types of classic and modern browsers. No download requirements are needed to play the game, so just click that start button and enjoy this fun new Among us version of the game. If you fancy playing his game make sure to verify out other among us games online from our section with games like Impostor, and Who Is Imposter. Good luck and have fun!

How to play Imposter 3D Game?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To move on the spaceship use W, A, S, D, or the Arrow keys. To use your sword press the spacebar button. To interact with the other among us players press the E key.

Release Date     
Monday, March 01, 2021
Date added        Chicago Time: 02:56 on 1 March 2021
Type                              Html5-WebGL
Platform                       PC, and Web 
HTTP Ready                  Not implemented yet.
Mobile Ready                Not implemented yet.
Gender                           Survive, Sword Fight, Explore, Escape.

The Imposter 3D Game game was developed by Hihoy Games Studio. But you can play the game free online on along with many games from the series on our Among Us game category.

The web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Avant Browser.
  • Enjoy a cool 3D clone of the famous among us game online on browsers.
  • Great 3D graphics with detailed characters, skins, and levels.
  • Each level has an indicated number of imposter you need to kill to save your friends.
  • Don't get spotted you will die and the game ends.
  • Each level complete provides you with gold and XP.
  • Countless challenges await you and your sneaking abilities.
  • Full-screen, and HTTPS ready.
  • Addicting and fun gameplay.
  • Smooth animations.
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About Imposter 3D Game
Enjoy a fun 3D among us pc games like the famous among us games, where you must play as a good astronaut and try to annihilate all imposters to win the game and also save your friends. The ''Imposter 3D Game'' game can be played for free online on, on any classic or modern browser type. So play do your best and if you enjoyed this fun among us games online make sure you try other similar games like Among Us Single Player. Good luck and have fun!

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