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And get ready for a new thrilling defense game? Put your skills to the test and come up with the best strategy in this jungle theme game. Start playing the Jungle TD game for free online on and try to protect the base from the thirsty monsters. When first playing the game make sure you study each tower and the ability they possess.  Some of the towers are different in range, firepower, splash, and damage. Make sure you decide what is best for each wave of monsters. At the beginning of the game, you are limited in energy and resources. Tray a few times the first round because it will be difficult and you will lose many times. But the key to winning the game's first 2 rounds is to build the Plasma Lance that has long-range, high damage, and slow fire rate. And two Assault Cannon has a high fire rate and low damage. When killing a monster you will earn energy, with the energy you can build more powerful towers and upgrades for the towers. Another way to get energy is to build the Energy Pylons, the pylons will generate energy depending on what tower they are. Upgrading they will get more energy income. Find a balance between building towers and building energy pylons and survive the waves to be able to get the strongest towers and the most expensive upgrades. As you progress through the levels you must come up with a smart strategy to dominate and protect the towers and stop the monsters to reach the base tent. Monster will be harder to kill with more hp and armor you need to combine fire with rockets and plasma to be able to survive. Manage your funds smartly and carefully build the powerful towers on the limited building spots and have a blast killing monsters. If you enjoyed this game make sure you try other tower defense balloons and castle war games like Defense Alien War, Keeper of the Grove, and Ultimate Tower. Good luck and enjoy the fun and detailed graphics with a Marmor style!

Release Date
January 2019.
Web browser.
Jungle TD is developed by Gameonhai.

  • Great looking detailed graphics with beautiful colors.
  • Nice strategy tower defense with a jungle theme.
  • 7 unique towers with special abilities.
  • There are 3 jungle maps.
  • Upgrade the towers to have more damage, range, and firepower.
  • Many types of different monsters.
  • Build energy pylons to increase energy income.
  • Nice animation and sounds.

More Information About Jungle TD

It's fun to play a strategy tower defense game with captivating game-play. That can be played online for free on Jungle TD it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this fun tower game and want to play more similar Marmor games try GemCraft: Chasing Shadows, War Of Iron, Penguins Attack TD 3, and Flash Element TD. Have fun with these similar tower defense balloons!

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