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Lego Speed Champions 2 Description

Play Lego Speed Champions 2 the game that is one of the most awesome Lego 3D car racing games you can play online for free on Click to play now Lego Speed Champions 2 games online. Become a champion by winning a maximum of races and drive the world's most powerful LEGO cars in the game Lego Speed Champions. Different powerful blocky (lego style) sports cars, and supercars will be available, like Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and many more. Pick a Lego car, also choose the desired track to begin with, and try to win and unlock achievements that keep no secret about how to be won. Step on the accelerator and reach for the first place. Complete the challenges for each car to be able to earn money for unlocking the five beautiful circuits. Improve your driving abilities and perfect them to cut curves at high speeds and keep the car flawless on the road to be able to win the race. As you unblock new cars you can see that there missions or objectives that you can complete to earn more starts and money but these depend on the car you are driving. Complete the challenges for each car and earn money to unlock 5 incredible circuits. Your driving must be flawless to win a race, watch out for the oil spill that will make you lose the control of your vehicle and go through shortcuts to gain precious seconds on your opponents. There are 15 cars available in the game and 12 are unblocked and the last three are coming soon in the next update of the game. Have fun with all six different lego racing tracks and become the king of racing!

Release Date

January 2018

Use the Left arrow key to turn left.
Use the Right arrow key to turn right.
Use the mouse to navigate the game interfaces.

  • Great looking blocky 3D graphics with highly detailed levels, cars, and upgrades.
  • Many types of cars like Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren
  • Unlock intense and more challenging tracks
  • Shortcuts that will make you win or be the first one.
  • A lot of racers to compete with.
  • Great car physiques and smooth rides that provide excellent game-play.
  • Nice music engine sounds and detailed animations.
  • Avoid the puddles of oil it will slow you down.


Lego Speed Champions 2 was developed by Lego. But you can play the game online for free along with the first version of the game called Lego Speed Champions.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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