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Martial Arts: Fighter Duel

Martial Arts: Fighter Duel game it's now free on BrightestGames!
Hello, and thank you for picking to play the latest street fighting game online in the so-called  "Martial Arts: Fighter Duel"! In this arena, you'll have the chance to show off your fighting skills while also trying your hand at some challenges. It is time to show everyone that a warrior with a strong spirit is capable of defeating enemies and demonstrating the strength and protection of allies. Scratch your fists at the impudent physiognomy of evil and prove to everyone that a warrior with a strong spirit is capable of doing so. Are you prepared to fight for the right side and give the enemy a good punch in the mouth? Then I bid you a warm welcome to the arena in this epic street fighting game free.
What is Martial Arts: Fighter Duel?
Also, this mortal deadly street fighting game called Martial Arts: Fighter Duel brings together experts in martial arts from all over the world. You will ensure that your hero emerges victorious from this competition. At the beginning of the game, you will be presented with several different heroes and allowed to select one of them as your playable character. After that, the battles involving your character will occur in the arena. The adversary will appear to be the opposite. When the signal is given, the fight will get underway. You will need to engage in combat with the foe and deal damage to him to defeat him. Your rival will also make an effort to accomplish this. You will either need to avoid his attacks or defend against them. After you have defeated your opponent in the duel, you will advance to the next level in the game Martial Arts: Fighter Duel and take part in a fight against another player in one of the best street fighting game.
How To Play Martial Arts: Fighter Duel?
You will have entry to the most influential fighters, each of whom has a track record that includes more than one victory. Every single one of these 17 guys is capable of pinning even the most menacing adversaries on their shoulder blades. The game can be played in two different modes: arcade and two. You will begin by engaging in combat with the computer. For the fighter to become a true champion, they will need to win each round and defeat all of their opponents. On the other hand, when playing in two-way mode, you and a friend can engage in a massive battle against each other. It will develop into a genuine competition, and the victor will be determined solely by one's skill level.

- PLAYER 1 Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" (Arrow keys are only active in Story Mode.) Jump: "SPACE" Attack: "F,G" Defend: "H" 
- PLAYER 2 Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "L" Attack: "P,O" Defend: "I".

Release Date    The game was first released on 24.05.2022
Updated On     05.27.2022

The Martial Arts: Fighter Duel was developed by RHM Interactive( But you can play the Martial Arts: Fighter Duel game online unblocked for free with no ads on

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

Type                             WebGL
Platform                      PC, and Web browser
Publisher            and
HTTPS Ready               Yes
Mobile Ready              No
Mobile Mode               No
Genre                            Action, Fighting, Street-fight, 3D, Boys, SkillsAbilitiesSimulatorBoxing, Unblocked, Unblocked 76, WebGL.
Game Features:
-Remarkable visuals in three dimensions, with a great deal of attention paid to the finer details of the colors, levels, and characters.
-Players have access to a variety of unique classes of fighters throughout the course of the game.
-The level will be considered complete, and you will move on to the following one if you are successful in both of the subsequent rounds.
-The animation and sound effects of the battle were done very well.
-Fights can be won more easily if you combine jumping kicks and blows with your regular kicking and punching in addition to your regular kicking and punching.
-Different moves allow you to kick, punch, and block the damage that is being dealt with you.
-The act of playing is easy, but becoming skilled requires a lot of work, time, and patience.

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More Information About Martial Arts: Fighter Duel
Enjoy one of the best unblocked online fighting games with a realistic game-play that is free on The Martial Arts: Fighter Duel game is developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all browsers. If you enjoyed this free street fighting game you can also try more similar crazy fighting games here on our website! Have fun!


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