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Max Mixed Cocktails

Max Mixed Cocktails: The Ultimate Mixology Adventure 
🍹Welcome to Max Mixed Cocktails, the ultimate mixology game on that invites you to step behind the bar and master the art of crafting unique and delicious cocktails! In this captivating game, you'll experiment with a wide array of ingredients to create tempting concoctions for the enigmatic bartender Max. Mix and match different ingredients, and watch as Max reacts to each of your creations, from delightful surprises to hilarious mishaps. 

Uncover Max's wacky and unpredictable responses as you unlock all the drinks in the collection, earning achievements along the way. With endless possibilities and endless laughs, Max Mixed Cocktails promises a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more! Cheers to adventure, creativity, and unforgettable moments with Max!

Getting Started: Learn the Basics

The first level of Max Mixed Cocktails serves as a tutorial, guiding you through the basics of drink mixing. The mechanics are straightforward: click on the bottle you want, hold the pour button until you've filled the cup to your liking, and continue with as many ingredients as you want. Follow the recipe in this initial stage to get a feel for the game.

Once your drink is ready, add some ice and use the mixing button to combine the ingredients. Watch as your in-game bartender, Max, takes a sip. The first ending you'll encounter is quite magical: Max's ear transforms into a fishtail, and eventually, she turns into a full fish! This is just one of the many quirky endings you can unlock in the game.

Create New Cocktails to Unlock Unique Endings 🍸

In Max Mixed Cocktails, various drink mixtures lead to different endings. Max drinks your concoctions, and each one triggers a unique event. She might change into other beings or alter her appearance in unexpected ways. Your goal is to discover all the possible endings by experimenting with different combinations of ingredients. Some mixtures might be duds, resulting in no change, so keep track of what works and what doesn't!

A Fully Stocked Bar at Your Disposal

Your bar is equipped with a vast selection of drinks and ingredients, including:











Toppings: like cherries, pineapples, oranges, lemons, and limes

With these ingredients, you can create classic cocktails like a whiskey sour, negroni, Aperol spritz, club soda, Jack and Coke, and vodka apple. But the real fun lies in using your imagination to craft out-of-this-world drinks and uncover the most original and fantastical endings!

Tips & Tricks for Aspiring Mixologists

Experiment with quantities: Adjusting the amount of each ingredient can result in different cocktails and unique endings.

Mix it up: Combine alcoholic drinks with juices, sodas, or fruits to create refreshing long drinks.

Unlock all endings: Aim to discover every possible transformation to become the ultimate bartender online!

Join the Fun on

Dive into the whimsical world of Max Mixed Cocktails on, where creativity knows no bounds and laughter is always on the menu. Whether you're a seasoned bartender in real life or love experimenting with new combinations, this game offers a delightful escape into mixology madness. Unlock all the secret recipes, earn achievements, and, most importantly, enjoy the endless fun and surprises that await you with Max behind the bar.

Ready to mix it up? Head over to and start your journey to becoming a master mixologist today with Max Mixed Cocktails! Cheers to unforgettable gaming experiences! 🎉

Release Date      May 2024
Date added         Chicago Time: 29 May 2024 08:07

Type                       HTML5
Mobile Mode        Portrait
Mobile ready        Yes 
Platform                 PC, Web browser, and also here on
HTTP Ready         Yes
Gender                   CookingBrain, Puzzle, Thinking, Combine, MatchingG A M Eunblocked 66Cool Math GamesUnblocked Games To Play At SchoolMobilesAndroidiPadiPhoneTouchscreenTable.

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Max Mixed Cuisine
Max Mixed Cocktails

Go Panda Games developed the Max Mixed Cuisine game, which you can play for free online on

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Experience delightful amusement in a confectionery facility where you personally craft lollipops and see the eccentric scientist create a myriad of unconventional visages. The Max Mixed Cocktails website was developed using HTML5, allowing it to be accessible from any modern browser as well as certain mobile devices. If you have an affinity for this game, you could find pleasure in playing Crazy Candy Creator and other culinary experimentation games available on our websites. Enjoy yourself, and may fortune be on your side!

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