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Maze Planet Description

Play the latest puzzle and mystery games online for free on Click to play this fun epic brain game with a nice twist called Maze Planet.
In Maze Planet games you will move a ball across a 3D Planet full of paths and dead ends. Find your way to the finish line and discover new planets in the amazing and beautiful Maze Planet Universe. There are 45 unique Planets and 25 Balls waiting for being discovered! You can also try to "Find The Key" mode to get extra stars! In the "Find The Key" mode you have to first find a key that is located somewhere on the planet in order to unlock the finish line. Seems easy? Not really, the time is running and it`s running fast !! In the normal mode, you do not have to hurry that much, only if you want to get all 3 stars !! You need stars to unlock new Planets and Balls. Enjoy the best 3D games and the latest puzzle games for all ages.
Release Date
March 2018
Maze Planet is developed by DK GAMES
  • Nice 3D graphics.
  • A lot of planet maze to play on.
  • You can choose one of 2 Ball control options.
  • Find The Key mode to get extra stars.


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