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Mighty Dragons Description

Looking for new fresh and intense games with dragons online? Something new to shoot and rise your adrenaline up? Then here on where you can find many new 3d unity games with dragons, we have prepared this new game called Mighty Dragons games. Mighty Dragons is created by Bert Games and is a shooting game where you have to defend yourself against an onslaught of enemies with the help of your mighty dragons. Click to play now online for free Mighty Dragons games on makes the game fun is the variety of enemies movement patterns and the loads of upgrades and items to collect. Did I also mention about the collectible 6 dragons that have different powers? For example, the fire dragon shoots fire with a special shot that deals more damage. Ice dragon on the other hand shoots ice and a special shot that freezes the enemy. When the game is over, you will have a chance to upgrade your character to have a better chance to take on more powerful monsters. The game starts you out from Wave 1 after you die, however, the developer did a good job to adjust the difficulty level of wave 1 not to be overly easy after you upgrade your character. So have fun online and become the best player from this new Mighty Dragons games on brightest games. Have fun!


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